I had the privilege of meeting David Bellamy three times, mainly through being a member of the Boys’ Brigade and via my amazing art teacher, Sheila Mackie.

Obviously, David Bellamy’s enthusiasm was completely contagious and after watching his TV programmes, like many young people, I became fascinated by creepy crawlies and plants – and undoubtedly he was my first introduction to the importance of the environment.

I once sent him a letter asking for some advice and this is where David Bellamy’s true brilliance came to the fore.

For his reply, he took my original letter, turned it over, wrote the response on the back and in big letters across the top wrote RECYCLED.

Tonight, I will be raising a glass to the great man, remembering his passion and knowledge but most of all, his incredible enthusiasm.

​​​​​​​Be Brilliant!


​​​​​​​PS Do you have any memories of your own about this wonderful man or any thoughts you can share which conjure up the power of enthusiasm?  Please leave your comments below.


  1. December 12th 2019 by Phil Sinfield

    I mirror your comments about this amazing man Michael, truly inspirational From Phil, who wants to recycle 90% of bulk rubbish and plant as many trees as I can – in the right place of course!

  2. December 12th 2019 by Chris Brown

    Hi Michael, yes like you his passion and enthusiasm was truly magical and perhaps we could all do the Christmas party impression coming round the back of the Christmas tree holding a branch giving it full on sir David Bellamy
    Hiding your bristles, “look at this wonderful flory mixing with the undergrowth” in that deep gravelly voice
    Wonderful man wonderful world
    God bless I’m and your good self for acknowledging him mr Heppell.
    If you lucky I’ll do my best next time we meet, might be a good intro for you to ask the audience who am I.
    Cheers Chris

  3. December 16th 2019 by Barrie

    I well remember David speaking at Leadgate Methodist Church at a BB event. His subject was Coral Reefs.
    He began his talk by saying he should be having dinner with Prince Charles but he told him he couldn’t attend as he was planned to speak at Leadgate!
    You may remember we had an overgrown patch at the back of the manse garden. When he saw it he said.”Wonderful!”

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