It was inevitable, but it’s still a bummer.

The question is, what’s your plan….

if (or when) we have a second wave; another spike?

I’ve heard several people ask: ‘When can we just get back to normal?’ ‘When will it end?

It won’t.

It’s our ability to deal with it, to normalise and to accept it that’s going to be important.

Easy to think. Simple for me to type. Hard to do.

Three things you CAN do though. Starting now:

1) Surround yourself with the right people. But not physically (oh the irony). A good support network is more important than ever. Ask for help.

2) Stop reading and watching the news. Just top up for 15 mins once a day.

3) Be proactive. During the lockdown, some people locked down their minds, too.  Others opened up; to new thinking, possibility, opportunity.

This could be your chance to do something amazing now, something that will have a positive impact for the rest of your life.

Or it could be another Netflix marathon.

Alongside my new book, we launched TEAM 17 last week. Over 70 people joined (we can only take 100). It’s the most exciting project we’ve ever created for our members.

You can find out more here: . I’d love to see you join.

Be Brilliant!


PS  If you have any questions about TEAM 17 just reply to this email – or if you have any comments for us all to read, please leave them below.


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