Decision-making is an essential part of your life.

It’s something you do all day, every day. Some reports say up to 35,000 a day!

Whether it’s a small decision, like what to wear or a big decision like buying a house, making choices is a fundamental part of your existence.

Making effective decisions is the key.


Decision-making can be divided into three main steps:

1 – gathering information

2 – analysing the options

3 – and finally, making a decision

And your brilliant brain does this very effectively… usually.


Gathering information includes researching the pros and cons of each option, talking to knowledgeable people and dipping into past experience.

This can take seconds, minutes hours, days or weeks.

Especially with a nice menu 😂


Analysing the options requires you to consider the potential outcomes of each decision and how it affects you, your goals and your future.

‘If I have a starter could I (should I) still have a pudding?’


You must look at the potential risks and rewards of each option, before deciding which one is best for you.

Tasty now vs fatter later?


Making a decision is the final step in the process. When you commit to a course of action and move forward with it.

‘Yes please, I will take a look at the dessert menu’.


How can you make better decisions?

Three ideas to help:

1 – Evaluation is easier when you have a goal and a plan. Ask, ‘Will this decision take me closer to my goal? Or move me further away?’

‘No, thank you. Just the bill’.

2 – Make decisions based on your authentic self. Of course, you need to know your authentic self, first.

I share a brilliant technique shown to me by Grant Marshall of DECIDE. in my new book. It shows new writers how to create an ‘Author Brand’ – a way of promoting your true self.

Making decisions is easier when you know what you stand for.

3 – Develop, and trust, your intuition. You know that little voice? Listen to it. Your intuition is brilliant.


What ideas do you use for decision making?

Please share your thoughts below. If you’re in two minds about what to write, share both.

Be Brilliant!


PS Speaking of decisions…

At midnight tonight my special offer, where you can order a signed hardback edition of Write That Book the book, for the price of the paperback comes to an end. It must end as the printer needs to know on Friday how many hardback copies to print. Decision time.

You can order a copy for yourself or a friend here.


  1. January 26th 2023 by Noel Wincote

    Does it work for me, will it work for, can it work for me?

  2. January 26th 2023 by Clare

    What’s in it for me? (WIIFM)
    How can I balance cost (time, people, resources and £)

  3. January 26th 2023 by Paul Bray

    Hey Michael,
    For me, decision making becomes much easier with clear principles.. every decision should be checked against them

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