Do you get nervous?

A question that often comes my way, especially concerning my main job:

Which is being on stage, facing crowds (that sometimes stretch into the thousands) and keeping them enthralled while I teach them the secrets of How to Be Brilliant.

Talk about a keynote title that creates a rod for your own back!


The nerves are still there, but now they’ve morphed into a different beast – excitement.


Yet, on a Tuesday night, a whisper of nervousness crept in.

And I sense it will again tonight.

Why? Because tonight marks the launch of something new.

For the last 3 1/2 years I’ve been teaching large online groups how to write, publish and sell their books.

Note: Even if the art of writing doesn’t stir your soul, read on.

On Tuesday, I launched a brand new programme to help writers called Over The Line.

Tonight at 7pm (uk) I’m doing it again: You can register to watch me share the details live here.

I already know that come 6:30ish the familiar nerves will creep in. Just me and a camera rather than hundreds of live faces.


What’s interesting is asking why we suffer from nerves. Especially when it comes to presenting and sharing our ideas.

I think there are three main reasons.

Lack of preparation.

A shortage of talent.


The first two find solace in the grind – doing the work, honing the craft.

It’s the third, over-caring, that’s the killer. But there is a solution.

Share away anyway.

Within 3 minutes of presenting, I guarantee that your over-caring can turn your nerves into excitement.

Even if you’re not the smoothest or the most knowledgeable, caring resonates like nothing else.


Remember Teddy Roosevelt’s wisdom? ‘No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.’

Share that you care and the confidence will follow.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this message. Please leave them below

Be Brilliant!



  1. January 18th 2024 by Judith (Judy) Brulo

    Hi. Fascinating topic. ‘Fight or Flight’.
    Thinking back to my life as a professional musician, there were some debilitating moments! Then I realised nervousness is merely energy, and that I should re-channel that energy into the communicating the music to the audience, get into the performance ‘zone’ and forget about myself.
    I try to remember this whenever a challenging situation arises. X

  2. January 18th 2024 by Dee Solley

    Love the over caring point Michael, where would you put ‘self doubt’ in that list?

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