I love walking and talking.

Dictation is my now preferred way of writing, with well over half of my written work transcribed through the Otter.ai app.

I wrote the first draft of this newsletter while walking.

You and I know dictation software isn’t perfect, but it’s getting better.

I’d give this one 80%.


Here’s how part of the unedited dictation was transcribed:

‘During my one-hour walk today, I’ve written 5,000 words. Obviously, they’re going to need medicine.’


Of course, I’d said (more likely mumbled) ‘editing’. But…

Could medicine be a more powerful word?

Medicine is a tonic that should make you feel better.

Could your words do with a pep-up prescription?


Here are 7 ideas to make your words feel better:

Never use a word you don’t understand. I’m using this soliloquy now.

Read out loud. If you want to know how well your words are working, say what you’ve just written out loud.

Use inclusive language. It’s not being ‘woke’ to consider who may read your words now and in the future and how you may make them feel; it’s being respectful.

Avoid repetition – the Thesaurus is your friend! This lovely lexicon will help you avoid dubious duplications and recurring reappearances of the same worn-out words.

Language is evolving. By holding on to the past, it’s easy to think you’re being ‘proper’ when you’re more likely turning into Jacob Rees-Mogg. Perish the thought.

If in doubt leave it out.


There you go. A spoonful of word medicine a day and your communication will be pepped and punching.

Complete the full course. Always read the label… out loud 😉.

I’d love to know your thoughts. Please share them below.



I’ve opened a can of worms. Love that analogy. Monday 10th July at 7pm (UK) I’m hosting a new webinar called Learn to Earn.

It’s a one-off 90-minute session, where I want to share with you my view on creating online learning programmes and additional information income streams.

It’s being described as the ‘Knowledge Economy’, it’s already looking a little shady and I seem to have rattled a few cages.

I think it’s because I’ve decided to dispel a few myths.

I created a promotional web page and a few of the ‘gurus’ weren’t happy. One even sent me a ‘shot across the bow’ message over my claim that there is no such thing as passive income.

There isn’t BTW.


Link this with the ‘All you have to do’ claims, and you can see why so many people have been romanced by this idea.

And why so many ‘trainers’ will spread all manner of BS in a bid to sign up clients to their how to do the how to courses.

On Monday 10th July, I’m going to change that.

And, if I do my job correctly, I’ll save most participants, more money by encouraging them not to participate in the knowledge economy and save a lot of heartache for those who do.

You can read what all the fuss is about and if it intrigues you, book a place too – https://shop.michaelheppell.com/learn-to-earn/

Be Brilliant!


  1. July 6th 2023 by Judith (Judy) Brulo

    I agree.
    Plus, Avoid clutter words: words that you would probably say unconsciously when talking but become repetitive and slow down the pace, especially in dialogue.
    Show, don’t tell.
    Give them two plus two, but don’t give them….

  2. July 7th 2023 by Jessy

    Michael, you are a life saver, could be literally. I often feel inspired while on long drives and fumble trying to find a way to transcribe some thoughts. Thank you for enlightening me to the existence of Otter and letting me know I’m not alone.

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