I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we’ve all done it.


That moment when you suddenly panic and realise that you need an Easter gift.


And an oversized, overpriced Malteser dome looks like the solution. 



Don’t buy chocolate eggs! 


They’re overpriced and underwhelming.  


I’ve had a much better idea.


This Easter… give books. 


A paperback is about the same price as an egg.



It lasts longer. 


It’s healthier. 


More memorable.

And thoughtful. 


Here’s the best bit.  When you buy an author’s book, you make their day. 


And if you want to make a bigger difference, buy your Easter books from a local book shop.  


Or this one www.MichaelHeppell.com/bookshop

No, not my books.

These are the published books of Write That Book Members.


And if you’ve already bought your chocolate eggs? That’s fine, buy a book too. 


Write That Book

I’ve just launched my next Write That Book Masterclass, it starts on April 25th.


You can find out more here and, if you’re quick, grab the super early bird offer and the three brilliant bonuses (they end tonight).

Imagine how it would feel if people were gifting your book next Easter?  


I can show you how to write, publish and sell your book.  


Actually, forget next Easter, you could be selling and gifting your book by this Christmas.  


Be Brilliant!



PS Do you have suggestions for Easter egg swaps, books you’d recommend or any observations about this message? Please leave your comments below.


  1. April 14th 2022 by Mark Norton

    Great idea Michael.

    Currently reading High Performance by Jake Humphrey. Well worth a look. Loads of great ideas and practical ideas.

  2. April 16th 2022 by Diane Parker

    Books I will recommend are when The Children Come Home about the evacuees
    The Jigsaw man Paul Britton, about criminal profiling for some of the most famous murder cases in Britain , both can’t put down books

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