It’s true, everyone is useless

…  at something.

Why beat yourself up because you can’t do something?

There’s too much pressure these days to discover what you aren’t good at and then get better at it.

It starts at school.

If you’re lacking at a skill, they encourage you to do more of it.

I think they should do less!

Einstein couldn’t cook.

Mother Theresa sucked at netball.

Genghis Khan couldn’t read.

(I made up one of the above)

By creating too much pressure to improve at the stuff you’ll never be good at, you stifle growth in the areas where you were born to excel.


Be Brilliant!




  1. February 1st 2018 by Richard Bailey

    Too true. Also school has a knack of causing more limiting beliefs that prevent us from reaching heights we are not even aware of. And there is too much pressure in daily life to rush everything, and thereby not enjoying life in the moment. Wasn’t Thomas Edison poor at fishing? But he used the time to clear his mind to seek the truth?

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