I saw this on a poster last week and initially thought it was a little crass.  


But the more I thought about it, the more I realised that the best fun is often planned.

And yes – taken seriously.  


Of course, there are exceptions. Those times when a boring day just evolves into something amazing and you could ‘never have planned it’.

But the reason why you remember those days…

Because they are so rare. 


The best way to ensure you have fun is to plan it.



This could be a little controversial. 


I love to go on holiday and have several restaurants pre-booked. Often weeks before.   


Mrs H enjoys just wandering and seeing where we end up.  


Both work, but I can guarantee when I’ve managed to secure us a cracking table at a fab restaurant during peak time,  it’s a lot more fun than queuing.

Or worse – being told ‘Sorry we’re full’. 


Perhaps it’s because I enjoy looking forward to things?  


And to do that you need half an idea of what you’re going to be looking forward to. 


A planner who takes their fun seriously and likes to schedule their joy?

Are you with me? 

Or are you happy just to see what turns up? 


Let me know in the comments.


Michael ‘fun time’ Heppell 


  1. May 19th 2022 by Fiona Myles

    I’m with you now in the booking ahead , we went away recently and trailed around being turned away from places we knew we could take our daughter. (Not everywhere is suitable) so let the booking begin …….

  2. May 19th 2022 by Neil Rutherford

    I like looking forward to events and enjoy the planning and organising in advance. Try to have at least one event to look forward to every month, be it a gig, sporting event or a day trip.

  3. May 19th 2022 by Kaye Patten

    I like to plan little ‘special’ things. We walked from Camden Lock to Little Venice along the river bank but I had done this before and knew there was a lovely little restaurant on a bridge over the river which I knew we would hit around 1:15ish. As we rocked up the place was full and everyone was hot and ready for a break but disappointed that they couldn’t get in. Ta dah! I had pre booked and our table in the shade was waiting for us!!

  4. May 19th 2022 by lisa tubbs

    I’m happy mostly to see how things turn up. But I am also happy when unexpected things go brilliantly that I didn’t expect. I love sharing my joy. X

  5. May 19th 2022 by Gaynor

    Plan and organise it to the last atom is my mantra and it works my daughters wedding was the most fun and exciting day because it was planned and planned x

  6. May 19th 2022 by Marilyn Payne

    I was in Wales recently with my daughter for two nights. After the first busy day out, we opted for chillin’ in front of the telly in our pyjamas and ordered room service with a good bottle of wine. The next evening we did exactly the same. The days were planned but the evenings weren’t. Sometimes we need a balance.

  7. May 19th 2022 by Susan Lawrence

    I love both of these things and do them regularly. With you on the anticipation and looking forward to things.
    Also love to decide to do something on the spur of the moment, I’m in the mood. It’s sunny and warm 🤗😎
    Variety, the spice of life.

  8. May 19th 2022 by Michelle Stewart

    I used to plan everything, going on holiday, I had a wet and a dry day planned for every day. My husbands never been a planner and not really bothered about what we do, so I choose everything and he follows on behind me. Then I went on holiday with a friend and she was horrified and refused to do any of the things I’d planned saying holidays were about spontaneity, I think I’ve found a balance now, much more relaxed not knowing what the day holds. But then you do miss out on events as the tickets are mostly sold out, but as long as you weren’t expecting to go that’s fine. There’s always something else to do. I do still book restaurants a couple of weeks ahead and then cancel on the day if my friends not keen, I just don’t let on I booked it.

  9. May 19th 2022 by Gillian westlake

    I plan my fun as much as possible

  10. May 19th 2022 by Dan Altmire

    Michael, I always say if you want to live outside of the box, it works best when inside of the box is working.
    I try to find fun and inspiration in everything I do. So in that, I am with your lovely and brilliant wife.
    However, I think that pre-planning adds to the excitement. Nothing worse than going to a restaurant and having a 2-hour wait or going to Disney and waiting in line for 45 minutes for a 3-minute experience. Having some pre-design is great, as long as it doesn’t restrict you from enjoying the moments.
    I am a great believer in expectations. If you go into the day with the expectation you will find joy, you will find it.

  11. May 19th 2022 by Jacqueline Proud

    The only thing that ai plan are air flights… However you cannot depend on them… Twice my flight home from Cyprus was cancelled by Jet2 – they offered no help or compensation… As you know British citizens cannot stay in Cyprus longer than 90 days in 180 days… We just managed to get a flight just a day before the 90 day expiration date… If we had not we would have been fined 850 euros each and would not have been allowed back into the country until the Powers that be allowed us back…

  12. May 19th 2022 by Des Reynolds

    Yes absolutely agree a mix is best! If you plan some things you also put yourself in a good position to be able to do some other things spontaneously when other opportunties come up !

  13. May 19th 2022 by Eleanor Baggaley

    I used to plan everything within an inch of its life but I’m a bit more relaxed about it now. Having said that I do still plan when I want to be sure what we’re doing.

    My eldest daughter is the queen of organised fun so clearly my past habits have rubbed off on her 😆

  14. May 20th 2022 by Diane

    Mix is best. I planned meeting up with fellow London 2012 Game Makers this week. Planned drinks and dinner at the Oxo Tower. What I hadn’t planned was getting off the train at Wandsworth Town and just wandering around for 2hrs – what a beautiful place and some great people.
    One of the best days in a long time!
    Certainty of meeting friends in a known location. Mixed with the variety of doing something different and connecting with strangers- just BRILLIANT

  15. May 20th 2022 by Louise Skinner

    I have a foot in both camps! Mostly agree with booking restaurants and accommodation in advance, although love stumbling across something special when least expecting it. Planning certainly delivers options which may be missed if left to chance.

  16. May 21st 2022 by philip Mahoney-Berg

    I used to love spontaneous travel. When I worked abroad I some times used to go to the airport in the early morning. Then at the ticket office, I’d buy a ticket for the next domestic departure. The best times were when I ended up in the east of the country.

  17. May 23rd 2022 by Tracy Smith

    I think it’s an age thing…..I never used to plan anything, but I do now! I need to know where and when I’m going, book tables and tickets way in advance and plan the routes!

  18. May 23rd 2022 by Mary Masaba

    When I was young, I was spontaneous. But I had rellies in most parts of Uganda I went knowing they were my fallback plan. Now, I plan meticulously. I have creaky bones and usually travel with someone with special needs, so a Third party is a must.

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