Today is a special day.

Social media is strewn with it.


Office kitchens resonate to it.


Factory floors are full of it.


Classrooms chime to it.


Everyone loves Friday.


And why not? TGIF!


Thing is, fantastic Fridays can be all too quickly followed by the Sunday night blues. That feeling that you used to get before school – and now you get before work.


It’s time to rename the week.


I propose:

Fantastic Friday

Sensational Saturday

Super Sunday

Magnificent Monday

Tip Top Tuesday

Wonderful Wednesday

Tremendous Thursday


Have a brilliant week.




PS If you think I could have used better names please leave a comment below


  1. March 10th 2017 by Ryan

    Hi Michael, I always refer to Wednesday as ‘Big Wednesday’ after the surf movie. I try and use this as a mid-week boost to get something big achieved.

    1. March 10th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      Love Big Wednesday. That’s going in my vocabulary now. Thank you.

  2. March 10th 2017 by Jack Birks

    Fantastic. Loving all of them but, I would go for Thrilling Thursdays

    1. March 10th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      Thrilling is a fab word. Thrilling Thursdays sound a little dangerous. Love it!

  3. March 10th 2017 by Nick

    Great to have a positive angle for each day. How about “Thoughtful Thursday” as a nod to the importance of taking regular time out to reflect and review?

    1. March 10th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      Now you’ve added a whole new dimension Nick. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

  4. March 10th 2017 by Alex

    Mindful Monday or Motivational Monday. Both show a look forward to the week ahead rather than a look back to the weekend.

    1. March 13th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      That’s what I’m doing right now. Looking ahead after a lovely Monday off πŸ™‚

  5. March 10th 2017 by Stuart Bowker

    Momentum Monday, to carry through from the goals achieved in the previous week and move on to being Brilliant!

    1. March 13th 2017 by Michael Heppell

      Love it! I’ve had a day off today so will need to have a Momentum Tuesday Stuart.

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