I’m torn on what to write today.

Currently, there are 32 ongoing conflicts in the world. Our screens and streams are filled with what can only be described as horror.

It’s easy to be saddened by the current onslaught of violence. I am.

We want peace. Yet feel isolated.

I’ve asked myself. What can I do from my keyboard in Northumberland?


I’ve been working on this message for two days.

Should I be giving advice?

Is it appropriate to do so?

Should I scrap it and go for a light-hearted, ’10 ways to have an awesome autumn’.

As you’re reading this, I’ve chosen not to. 10 ways… can wait.

I was also meant to be announcing a major event today.

That can wait until next week too.

Again, if it doesn’t feel right don’t.


But one thing has happened by writing this.

I feel better because I’ve acknowledged my inner conflict.

I feel mentally healthier to have thought deeply, considered my emotions and shared.


When I’m struggling to communicate something, I revert to my primary value, which is ‘Improving the life of everyone I connect with’.

Ten thousand people read this newsletter. 

Imagine if we brought a little peace into our own lives.

Here I go again. I’ve fretted about that last line for 30 minutes.

Too slushy?

Who am I to suggest that? 

Have you seen the news, Michael?

But it stays in. And there IS something we can do.


Bring a little more peace, love and harmony into our own lives by sharing a little more peace, love and harmony with others.

I’m sorry if you were expecting motivation, customer service tips and how-to’s this week. I’ll be back with my usual messaging next week.

If you’d like to leave a comment or share your thoughts about what I’ve written today, please do so below.

Be Brilliant!



  1. October 12th 2023 by Neil Mullarkey

    Thank you Michael.

  2. October 12th 2023 by Denise Cicchella

    Autumn is about change. If we embrace this theme worldwide maybe we should wake up to the need to change. Wake up to realize that the trees are different and yet they shed their leaves so we can see their souls – their basic branches. Many of us see the leaves on people and assume what the inside looks like. We need to stop doing that and realize we are all just limbs and branches, what we are on the outside can always change.

  3. October 12th 2023 by jeremy Taylor

    Heartfelt message that reflecxts how I feel.
    Huge hugs and kisses to you, Chrisitne and all the family.
    Jes XX

  4. October 12th 2023 by Mo Gill

    Oh Michael – I think you got it just right. AND I think it was motivational.

    Sending love and peace 💕

  5. October 12th 2023 by Ewan Easton

    You just reminded us all Michael , if we all work in our circle of influence x10,000 it will have a positive impact.

  6. October 12th 2023 by Maria

    I think this is a beautiful post. I should think we are all feeling sickened by what’s happening and if we can find peace and kindness within ourselves and share this with others, then we are contributing in some way to find positivity in this troubled world. Thank you for sharing your thoughts – Maria 🕊️

  7. October 12th 2023 by Ann English

    Having supported children in Palestine whose parents have been killed by Israel I was shocked to see what is happening now. The world seems to be going mad, fighting and killing. Or was it ever thus? Can our actions bring peace. I hope so.

  8. October 12th 2023 by RKJ

    A great message. Sometimes the time and mood aren’t right for something and it’s brave and sensible to stop and take stock, rather than ploughing on regardless. It’s all about understanding and being perceptive of yourself and of everyone else’s feelings.

    Sadly, peace is always so far off for those who seek power and domination through violence and aggression. Let’s hope for happier and more peaceful times as soon as possible.

  9. October 12th 2023 by Judy Brulo

    Thank you, Michael. I have a stepdaughter in Odessa. She’s been here recently but insists on returning to her beloved Ukraine. We saw her one year ago. This time, she was more subdued. Perhaps war-weary. My husband has Ukrainian friends in Israel. No matter where you turn, someone is affected by the recent and not so recent horrors.

  10. October 12th 2023 by Wilma McDaniel

    Beautiful message Michael thank you for sharing, it reminded me of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the people of Corinth on Faith, Hope and Love 🙏❤️ stay brilliant 👏

  11. October 12th 2023 by Justina McGillivray

    It’s so tough isn’t it? Sometimes I just feel like burying my head in the sand and ignoring the dreadful news. I just can’t fathom the levels of hatred around the world when, if you go far back enough, we are all related. I don’t think there will ever be world peace sadly but we can all do our bit to make the world a better place. Even if it’s smiling at a stranger.x

  12. October 12th 2023 by Simon Lowe

    Just a Brilliant statement, Michael

  13. October 12th 2023 by Nic Wood

    I whole heartedly agree. Be the change I wish to see in the world. So i wish for love, health, abundance, freedom to all and i gift this from my heart.

  14. October 12th 2023 by Helen Marshall

    Well said Michael. You’ve captured and articulated my thoughts. Thank you.

  15. October 12th 2023 by Helen Hickingbotham

    Well said. It is heartbreaking and bewildering that an intelligent race is capable of continuing to act in this way. We can’t change that, so all we can do is be kind to others and ourselves.

  16. October 12th 2023 by Wayne Norcliffe

    As always Michael, beautiful post.

    My thoughts echo yours, no surprise there then. It’s worth noting, everything begins with a thought, whether that thought is of an individual or creation itself.

    Life is simple and here’s the formulae T+A=P Where T=Thought, A= Action and P=Peace. The thought should be positive, both for the individual and creation, action likewise and by adopting this approach our world changes. Simply really LoL.

    Thanks as always for sharing and helping to change our world for the better. We are One Species, Occupying One Planet and all have the same purpose, i.e. to find our individual peace.

  17. October 12th 2023 by Jaki Lewis-Thompson

    Beautiful put, and so relevant in today’s climate…spread love not hate…moved!!!

  18. October 12th 2023 by Jane

    A brave post, to say what you really think, and I admire that. Many will agree. Provokes more thought in others.

  19. October 12th 2023 by Charlotte Ord

    This message really spoke to me today, Michael; thank you for sharing the sense of inner conflict that I think so many of us are struggling with at the moment. Beautifully and bravely written. With lots of love x

  20. October 12th 2023 by Jackie Winnell

    Thank you Michael, for me I think you hit the right note. I’m also distraught by what is happening in our world, the constant conflicts, arguments and the lack of empathy for those innocent victims of conflict/tragedy.
    I’m also, dare I say it, tired. Yes, tired of all the conflict. Yes I do have empathy for the victims, and that in a nutshell is it, I’m tired of constantly feeling empathetic towards others. I’m tired of the war stories, the constant bombardment of sad news. I’m tired of the fact we are in 2023 and still having wars over religious differences. I’m tired of petty little men filling this world with hate to fulfil their own agenda and coffers.
    I’m also tired of seeing people including loved ones dying of terrible diseases like cancer because (IMO) a cure is out there but it’s just too lucrative for pharmaceutical companies to profit from treatments instead. I’m tired of seeing poverty and suffering in countries that spend billions in putting men on the moon or machines on mars when so many on this earth need help.
    I’m tired of seeing the destruction of this world by climate change. I’m tired of hearing of children killing each other over the smallest slight. I’m tired of seeing people die senselessly of crimes, all over the world. I’m tired of becoming desensitised to all the ills of the world, because it’s so relentless.
    I’m just so tired of it all.
    So no, Michael, a message of the joys of Autumn/Winter just seems rather pointless to me at the moment.
    I should point out, my husband lost his best friend of almost 60 years this week, to cancer, so my mood is not very jolly anyway.

  21. October 12th 2023 by Sue Trusler

    A perfect post to highlight the need for us to step back and reflect on what is important. Peace is something so precious yet throughout history as humans we have failed to embrace it. Conflict is always simmering just below the surface and its time that we all try to promote peace. No parent should ever have to loose an innocent child to conflict.

  22. October 12th 2023 by Nicki Neilon

    Well said Michael. The utter devastation that some people are suffering is totally heart breaking.. Wishing more love and peace to everyone.

  23. October 12th 2023 by Steve Mitchell

    Morning superman – your newsletters are ALWAYS informative/refreshing/enlightening/thought-provoking reads but this one especially hit a chord for me …great job, as always…

    Sending you love back …luv U brother – S x

  24. October 12th 2023 by M. Isherwood

    Thanks Michael. Spot on. Only just read it now. Let’s spread more love and peace and harmony.
    “Love is patient and kind” says the Bible, and much more on the subject. Easy enough to find the whole verse/chapter on Google.
    If we just try in our own circles, on a daily basis, in small ways, it all adds up.
    Random acts of kindness, say other people. It can be as simple as taking the time to listen fully to someone. It doesn’t have to cost you anything, or only a little time, to offer a random act of kindness to a fellow human being.
    “Love they neighbour” says the Bible also, and probably other holy books, that I haven’t read. The EASY bit is loving the neighbours who are like you, in your group or tribe or religion or nationality or ethnicity.
    The HARD bit is loving all the other neighbours too of any tribe or group or nationality etc.
    Again, give it a try on a daily basis. Try to think something positive about everyone. It’s a habit looking for the good in people, not the bad.
    Everyone is part of the human race, and making the best of the human condition, with all its faults and pitfalls.
    If we can try and pull together a little more, see the other person’s point of view, or at least allow some space for it, maybe the world would be a more peaceful place.
    Thoughts and prayers for all in conflict situations, RIP tragic victims of conflict and solace to their loved ones.

  25. October 12th 2023 by Andree Currie

    A lovely Heart felt post Michael. Such shocking events make us feel so helpless. If we can make small acts of kindness to those we meet , even sharing a smile to a stranger we may make a small but significant difference.

  26. October 12th 2023 by Diane


  27. October 12th 2023 by Fiona Setch

    Thankyou for your thoughts….they have enabled me to stop and pause …listening to your inner thoughts, honouring them and sharing them with us …thank you.

  28. October 12th 2023 by mark

    Great message, well put!

  29. October 12th 2023 by John

    Thank you Michael.

  30. October 12th 2023 by Jane Parsons

    I’m lost for words and struggling to react appropriately to news of killing from these places of war. My head is in the sand, refusing to read, listen or watch the terrible stories coming out of Israel and Gaza. But I did listen to The Moral Maze on radio 4 last night to try and get a handle on the thinking behind these terrible acts. It helped a bit. I try to be as kind as I can be anyway.

    I’m still irritated by the things which drive me mad, and I still find something funny most days. The only change I can feel is I’m afraid. Afraid for the future and very scared that this conflict will escalate and spark other conflicts around the world or stoke the flames of ones which are already on fire. I’m afraid for the young ones in my family, but dare not show it. I want to set an example, to be strong and resilient and kind, and I can do that and hold my fears at bay. But only just.

  31. October 12th 2023 by Philip Race

    Well done, as a human race we find countless ways to find differences between each other that drive us apart when if only we sought similarities that drive us together.

  32. October 12th 2023 by Mrs Dawn Heather Booth

    Michael, knowing that you can reach out to 10 thousand people that can all do their bit for inner peace is enough. Thank you for being you x

  33. October 12th 2023 by Daniel Altmire

    Thanks for sharing your feelings. It is in times like these that we must appeal to our best instincts and not be triggered by our basest ones. Some days you just need to spend more time in prayer or meditation.
    I pray for you and each person reading this the peace that surpasses all understanding.

  34. October 12th 2023 by Eleanor Dickie

    Beautiful message. Thank you.

  35. October 12th 2023 by Jane Brady

    Thank you Michael.
    What a thoughtful and positive message. The current world situation is very scary indeed, but messages and encouragement that involve peace and love never go amiss xx

  36. October 12th 2023 by Steph Forster

    It’s good to be reminded that it isn’t daft to feel unsettled and incredibly sad about about conflicts that only touch us via the media, and that writing down how we feel is an excellent way to acknowledge it and dealw it it and then move on from it. Thank you.

  37. October 12th 2023 by Liza Quintos van Linder

    Heartbreaking and brutal! We humans can be so hateful! Turning homes into a pile of rubble and taking lives by force.

    Posts don’t always have to be optimistic and about wins. We are even so lucky that we can count them! In times where it is needed, it’s good to take a stand against all the hatred and wars in our world.
    We must believe that there is still good in the world. We could have just kept silent and went on with our day, or we could have talked about it. And it matters that we did. All the hurt and the lives lost. They all matter to us. So, thank you for your post, Michael.

  38. October 12th 2023 by Mrs Julie Jones

    I think it’s appropriate to stop and think about what some parts of the world are going through, we are very lucky to live where we do. The thing that decent people lean towards in conflict, is unity and support for one another. Michael, you are one of the world’s best at this. You bring like minded people together to achieve contentment. You are doing good man.

  39. October 12th 2023 by Debbie Lynn

    Sometimes less is more. And when things are overwhelming and seem insurmountable, focusing on the small things can reall my effect changes for ourselves and others. So I will do my best to follow your advice. Thank-you!

  40. October 13th 2023 by David Paul Spizuoco

    You are so right, but kind, feeling words only soothes the one’s who utter them… obviously not the one’s who hear them. The world is going through a passage of time that I do not comprehend, though it appears it’s being aggitated by frivolous governments with malicious leaders. It has become more evident over the past few years that history is condensing and repeating itself within a narrower framework. All the wrongs in the world appear to be happening on top of each other and the common man/woman is left to suffer and eventually pick up the pieces after the so-called intelligencia have fouled things up. Why has common-sense decided to hide itself when the world’s bullies decide to ignor history and decide to go on a spree that can only end in a devastating defeat. Where is the common man/women’s voice of reason going to be heard… there’s enough of us!

  41. October 13th 2023 by Chris Hind

    DONT DREAM ITS OVER, Crowded House
    In the paper today
    Tales of war and of waste
    But you turn right over to the TV page
    … Hey now, hey now

    Sadly there is too much war, and a lot of people are becoming desensitised, struggling with their own issues paying energy bills, feeding & clothing kids

    Times are not good, Micheal, its a great commentary, but sadly there is no great leader ready to step up and look for what is for the common good, sadly we struggle with reality, I stopped reading about the massacres, Ukraine, Haiti, Africa/ Ethiopia, I am in despair, and look to support my kids & protect my grandkids from this awful reality

  42. October 14th 2023 by Charles

    You were spot on, thoughtful, calming. Think of the steps you shared: you acknowledged your inner conflict; felt better to have thought deeply, considered your emotions and shared; and prescribed a positive action by having us imagine if we brought a little peace into our own lives by sharing a little more peace, love and harmony with others.

    I greet my bus drivers when boarding, and thank them when I leave. I encourage my team with gratitude. I buy my wife “j.b.” (“just because”) flowers. I take out the trash. I look for those little ways that hopefully ripple outward.

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