In 2009 I wrote a book called Flip It, with the subtitle of how to get the best out of everything.  I had no idea when I wrote it that now would be the perfect time for Flip It and the tools and techniques within it.

And yet, over the last few weeks, more people than ever have contacted me to talk about Flip It since Chris Evans raved about it on Radio 2. They all wanted to share what a difference Flip It is making to their lives during this challenging time.

Then last week, the designer Kelly Hoppen shared with her 178,000 Instagram followers how much she loved Flip It and how we need to use Flip IT thinking now.

Flip It thinking is simple but not easy.

There’s a positive for every negative.

Your job is to find them.

In the book, I share a whole range of tools and techniques.  Even I found that on rereading, there’s never been a better time to introduce or reintroduce Flip It thinking.

I’ve started to post some videos on LinkedInInstagram and in my private Facebook Group sharing some of the concepts from Flip It.

As a wonderful coincidence, Amazon are currently selling the Flip It Kindle version for half price.

It’s been quite an extraordinary seven days.  Almost 1,000 people have watched our Love in a lockdown webinar, where Christine and I give tools and techniques to help couples who and now living and working together 24/7.

I knew Christine would be good, but I had no idea how brilliant she would be in front of the camera.  I was in awe of her cool, calm and collected nature, her wit and wisdom and most importantly how she stayed completely on brand and loved me afterwards!

You can watch it as an encore event here.

I’m also humbled by the number of people who contacted me after last week’s newsletter where I shared that I’d ‘had a wobble’. The outpouring of concern and love was incredible -thank you.

This week I have decided to do less and I’m certainly feeling the benefits.

I’m mentally and physically preparing for the UK lockdown to last at least a couple of months and in doing so, have realised that it’s okay to slow down.

Many people (me included) wanted to do everything in the first few weeks. New WhatsApp groups appeared, House Party’s were arranged and Zoom family get togethers hastily organised.

Many went from being concerned about not seeing loved ones to seeing too much of them!

I’m going to continue to broadcast live training development and motivational sessions on my Facebook How to Be Brilliant Group.  The group is an absolute beacon of positivity and an ideas factory of tips, tools and techniques.

I’ll send you at least one newsletter a week and will be as active as sensibly possible on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

I’ve never wanted to be a social influencer, so I don’t feel any pressure to post something every day.

Hang in there folks, the world will be a very different place when we come through this – and hopefully a better one.

Be Brilliant


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  1. April 9th 2020 by Toni Sheppard

    I read FlipIt several years ago and so many of the ideas resonate time and time again especially when life appears to be at it’s most challenging. Thank you for writing it and for reminding us! Good to hear you’re back to your usual brilliance 🙂

  2. April 9th 2020 by Andree

    Thank you Michael, Ive recently started to read Flip it again. Living so far from family and friends who are down south has been challanging. However I have a 90 year old Mother close by, who is safe and well which I am thankful for. and I’m doing things I dont usually have time to do and have found that apart from the odd wobble , Thanks to Whatts ap and house party, I have a social life! Having time to read, do a bit of DIY and do hobbies is a joy. Stay brilliant Michael. Andree

  3. April 9th 2020 by Donna Thomson

    I bought Flip it when I read Davina McCall said it changed her life and I have bought more than a several copies since to give to friends when they needed a bit help with mindset. I’m loving your Facebook group Michael, stay happy & safe x

  4. April 10th 2020 by Jacqui Womersley

    Hello I read this book a good few years back and have it on audible so I can dip into it when I’m feeling challenged. It’s also a book I recommend to many. I love it! Once you’ve tried flipping situations, it becomes quite a habit … in a good way! Love it – thank you!

  5. April 23rd 2020 by Julie Pittilla

    Hello Michael and Christine!
    I popped on here to see what you guys were up to and just wanted to say that I bought Flip It and got Amazon to deliver it to a friend who was struggling, she’s just texted me to say she loves it. I read it years ago and I am about to start reading it again. The things you taught me saved my sanity and made my life better. Thank you. Love to you both – Julie xxx

    1. April 30th 2020 by Michael Heppell

      Hi Julie

      Thank you so much for this.

      Keep being brilliant! Would love to catch up when this is all over>


  6. June 26th 2021 by Jorgen

    Interior designer Kelly Hoppen on how she turned her home into a sanctuary of calm – Homes and Antiques

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