Professor Stephen Heppell is no relation – but he should be. His thinking is brilliant, he’s a wonderful family man and ‘suffers’ from a major ‘can do’ attitude.

I was following him (online) last week as he attempted to drive a van full of ski kit, food, luggage and all manner of stuff home from France.

Only one slight challenge – the van had developed a serious mechanical fault and only had two working gears – 1st and 5th.

It was the perfect New Year metaphor. Start by throttling up as much as possible, then without letting the revs drop too much whamming it into 5th and hoping for a long straight road ahead so you can cruise home.

The good news is he made it.

The better news is you have more than two gears to help you achieve your goals.

This year there will be many times when you’ll feel like your rev counter is in the red.

Time to change gear.

There will be plenty of times when you could be ready to stall.

Change gear.

To get the most out of your life engine, remember… change gear.

1st gear – Get things going. Energy, passion, oomph!

2nd gear – Stay in control. Quick. Easy to steer and nimble to change direction.

3rd gear – Middle of the box. If you stay here too long you’ll hear your engine scream.

4th gear – Dally here if you like. Why bother going up a gear when you know eventually you’ll have to come back down?

Because there’s a 5th!

5th gear – Overdrive! You can’t start here, but you can stay here. It’s the engine’s equivalent of being in flow.  You’re cruisin’.

Listen to your engine, focus on the right gear for the right day and if it’s not right – change it.

Be Brilliant!



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