I have a friend who spent a summer in Greece working just one day in every two weeks.

When his money ran out he would scout the beaches selling bus trips. In one day he could make enough to live off for two weeks.

So why didn’t he work two, three or four days a week and make some extra dosh?

Simple. ‘Because, Michael, I’m fundamentally lazy’.

Brilliant answer. From the heart. No BS.

There’s a pretty compelling argument to spend 13 days on the beach for just one working.

And an equally good one for grafting for 10 (or even 14) days and literally making lots of money when the sun shines.

The key is knowing what works for you.

Be Brilliant!



  1. October 13th 2017 by Richard Bailey

    Read your blog, obviously while laying on sofa in front of tv. I read somewhere that the perfect job is the one that takes the least time. Your friend sounds extremely lucky to be doing what he wants. It sounds like my ideal job too. Brilliant!

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