Readers in the UK can’t help but notice that there’s, let’s say, a tad of political turmoil at the moment.

Readers outside of the UK – you’ve seen it too?

This election looks set to be the dirtiest, most negative ever.

Just great, eh?

In my journal last night I wrote this…

3 ways I will turn the General Election into a positive:

1. I won’t fall out with anyone. No matter how extreme or (in my opinion) ridiculous their opinions, I will respect their beliefs.

2. I will brilliantly demonstrate that I am able to hold two conflicting thoughts in my mind simultaneously and therefore see the bigger picture.

3. When I feel frustrated I will Flip It and become fascinated.

I’d love to know your tips for turning what could be seen by many as a negative process, into (and I’m going to push it here) something positive.

Leave your comments below. Be political if you like, have a debate, make your point, be nice…

Be Brilliant!



  1. October 31st 2019 by Chris Marley

    I want to lobby for an additional box on the ballot paper “none of the above” bet this gets more votes than any of our politicians.

  2. October 31st 2019 by Annie Watsham

    It’s totally frustrating, however I’m so deeply bored with it all that I just believe change will happen. I can’t know what change, but change is very often positive and I pray that it’s a huge learning curve and lesson for our wonderful country that this must never happen again…

  3. October 31st 2019 by Martin Clarke

    I’m worried that we are in a different place from normal. It used to be that we felt differently from others, but still, to a certain extent, respected each other’s opposing views. Now, online, the word ‘Traitor’ is being used to describe others with different opinions. I fear we are in a place where people of the ‘opposite’ view are BAD and only my views are GOOD. This leads to battle lines being drawn up. I worry that the Great British Compromise will be well stretched in this election

  4. October 31st 2019 by Alan Rafferty

    I have just got back from a book shop. Believe it or not there is a ladybird book on Trump. Funny too. So my first tip is to laugh, find the funny side. If you need some help then start with Brexiteers refusing to back May because of a border down the Irish Sea and then agreeing to a harder one with Boris Johnson. Or Jeremy Corbyn sitting on the fence so much that he must have a bum full of splinters. Or the extension of visas for foreign students by BJ negating the immigration reason for leaving. Or the ‘Great Trade Deal’ Trump has promised which relies on America getting what they want in full and no border on the island of Ireland (I.e. if you go for a no deal Brexit forget about it.) That is to say nothing of an administration that has shown itself to be a very unreliable ally. Don’t just ask the Kurds ask the Canadians. Second tip, look at the facts and draw your own conclusions. Remember that people (particularly politicians) use facts the same way some Christians use the Bible, to back up their own prejudices. It is no good getting angry at them or even trying to discuss they will just ignore inconvenient facts.

  5. November 1st 2019 by Rachael

    I relate to many of the comments, and agree that we need to find this both funny, and fascinating, wherever possible. I do see this is an opportunity to display my tolerance and empathy, and I’ll strive to sustain this! As others have said, this is a time of great change, nothing ever starts the same and as a middle-aged British citizen, I see myself as privileged to be living in such times. God luck everyone!

  6. November 1st 2019 by Jim Hetherton

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good week informed women & men to do nothing.” These are the best & Worst of times it is vitally important we protect our fragile democracy (the Netflix documentary the great hack is a must watch!) make your voice and vote

  7. November 3rd 2019 by Harry

    I’m so disappointed with our politicians. Our once proud Nation which was a leader in democracy has become the laughing stock.
    Just because the vote to leave the EU was not the answer they wanted, they spent 3 years just hoping it would go away and now hope they have scared enough people to vote to stay. When will people see through those with vested interests (who even went against what their constituents voted for) care little for the country, as long as it suits them they will abide by democratic rule but when it doesn’t, they will threaten, cajole, and bend rules until they get their own way.
    Lots of cushy jobs in Brussels disappearing over the horizon eh boys & girls??

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