I was listening to Clubhouse recently when someone shared a brilliant idea.   

For the last 10 years he’s told his kids that he, ‘Gets to go to work’… 

Rather than ‘Daddy has to go to work’. 

The change is subtle, the difference in meaning huge.

He explained, ‘If you say you have to go, kids learn quickly from their parents.  They’ll soon have to go to school, they’ll have to tidy their room, etc. I want my kids to enjoy everything they do.’ 

This made me think about language. 

And I think about language a lot. 

Why not make some small changes, such as:

I have to clean the house’, to ‘I’m giving the house a freshen up’?  

I have to cook dinner’, could be ‘Time to create a meal’. 

I need to finish this’, flipped to ‘I’m excited to finish this’. 

Small changes in words make a big difference to feelings. 

In the UK we’re in ‘Lockdown’.  

I know the government can’t really alter the linguistics, but we can. 

I’m thinking, ‘Only a few more weeks of cocooning to go 🙂 where I get to stay at home!’ 

Do you have a favourite change of language?   

A copy of my book Flip It is up for grabs for our favourite.  

Please post yours below. 

Be Brilliant! 



  1. March 4th 2021 by Paul Bury

    Looking forward to making 100 quality cold calls today and getting as many no thank you’s as I can which means I am one step closest to getting a yes.

  2. March 4th 2021 by Annie Watsham

    I always use HOWEVER instead of BUT. Perfect and easy flip to positive from negative…

  3. March 4th 2021 by Sue Cooke

    ‘Oh no I’m 50 tomorrow’ ‘ how wonderful I’ve had 50 exciting years on this earth’

  4. March 4th 2021 by MANJ KALAR

    Love it!!

    What an amazing flip: change our words to change our outlook – spotlights the power of the words we use and the lasting impact they have. All in a short blog. Amazing – really touched me.

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. March 4th 2021 by Simon Lewis

    It’s not terribly new or original : Move from “Yes BUT” to “Yes AND” ….

  6. March 4th 2021 by Alison Higginson

    Looking forward to binge watching “The Serpent” whilst doing my ironing.

  7. March 4th 2021 by A Middlemas

    Previously enjoyed / loved = second hand

    I have an opportunity for you = I have a problem I need solving.

  8. March 4th 2021 by Vic Wilson-Crane

    I got the team doing an ideastorm and the only response they could give to an idea was “I like that, and….” and build on what was said positively. There was going to be another exercise where were found the weaknesses in ideas, later on, but I didn’t want anyone put off bringing their thoughts in case someone else found the holes. It worked well and I’d repeat it.

  9. March 4th 2021 by Mary Riley

    I dignify and honour my cats by twice daily cleaning their litter boxes, which brings a sense of well-being to everyone in our home. It’s a matter of respect for all.

  10. March 4th 2021 by elaine allen

    Only a few more weeks where i can stay at home and do whatever I like without interruption.

  11. March 5th 2021 by Alistair James

    I’m a GP and when things are challenging for my patient and they feel negative, I aim to use language to empower them. So, rather than things are rubbish, they are doing the best they can (invariably true, given the circumstances and resources available to them).

  12. March 5th 2021 by ANNE BETH JORDAN

    Turning a woe into a triumph – Lockdown was the best event to change my life from continuing humdrum to reinventing myself, I will come out of this a stronger more super me – What more can I ask for just now, Nothing!

  13. March 5th 2021 by Michelle Neal

    When something doesn’t go to plan I say ‘I wonder what my blue sky moment will be today’ 😃☀️ xx

  14. March 7th 2021 by Ian Pilbeam

    Love this. My daughter Is recovering from a long term illness and we are using flipped language to help her.
    “I am getting better”

    My all time favourite however is Frank Spencer. “Every day in every way, I’m getting better and better. Betty”

  15. March 7th 2021 by Val cummings

    I am so looking forward to getting out into my garden to dig over the vegetable and fruit plot and can’t wait to see my crops once again!

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