Everyone has heard of the Dalai Lama – the premier purveyor of peace.

But did you know there are other Lamas too?

31 true re-incarnated deities I’m told.

I’ve recently spent a couple of days with the amazing Tulku Lobsang.


The first thing that grabs you is his energy.  As he walked into the room you could feel it. You instantly knew something special was about to happen.

His teachings were uplifting.  On the first day he spent 4 hours on the subject of ‘meditation for happiness’ and it felt like 20 minutes.

The next day Christine and I were privileged to be part of a small group who were invited to spend some time with him for a question and answer session.

As my newsletters are short, I won’t transcribe the whole interaction; I’ll just share one message which massively resonated with me.

Searching for happiness outside of yourself is useless.’

You may find this simple statement easy to agree with.

And yet we’re all searching for more.  More to make us happy.

More stuff, more stimulation, more ‘likes’, more recognition, more, more, more.

And the more we look out, the further we are from looking in.

And ‘in’ is where true happiness lies.

Be Brilliant!



  1. April 26th 2018 by damian

    Would love to hear more – I bet others would too. Anchor cast?

    I think the element you have included is great. Asking ourselves the question is this an ‘outside in’ or ‘inside out’ situation is incredibly empowering (even if at times hard to accept).

    I hope all is grand in the world of Heppell.


  2. April 26th 2018 by kay jones

    Brilliant. This message is what I needed right now.
    Thank you Lama & Michael.

  3. April 26th 2018 by Steve Bithell

    Thank you for this

  4. April 27th 2018 by Steve Close

    Thanks Michael. To be free from suffering is all beings purpose and we should try this by looking within as this is all we can control! Living simply is the hardest thing!
    Be well be happy be peaceful

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