The dark nights are coming.’

There are so many daft things about that sentence… and yet I say it every year.

Like it’s a surprise that it will soon be dark at 6pm.

Is it a British thing? Like being amazed at the price of a Freddo (the frog)*?

Or flabbergasted that the number of crisps in a bag of Walkers is down to single figures?

Why even mention it?

Yes, the dark nights are coming. However, this year it will be different.

People are already struggling, and a new wave of Covid is undoubtedly happening.

And it feels like we can’t do much about it.

So instead, let’s focus on what we can do. You could:

Practise hygge and make your winter as cosy as possible.

Go out for walks and appreciate autumn by stopping and admiring the beauty of falling leaves.

Check in with friends and make sure they’re okay.

Buy a good book and escape or learn as you immerse yourself in the pages.

Focus on your health. Be the best you can be.

Cook delicious home-made food.

Write a grateful list.

This will be a very challenging time for us all.

I’ll be regularly contributing to the How to Be Brilliant Facebook group (the most positive uplifting place on earth!)

And sending messages like this.

What are you doing to prepare for the dark nights?  Please leave your comments below.

Be Brilliant!


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PPS *25p!


  1. October 15th 2020 by Corinne Dennis

    I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer so I am making chutney for the first time from all the lovely vegetables we grew during lockdown. I am enjoying my walks on the moor so very much more. I am being much nicer to my husband and savouring every minute with him. I am contacting my freinds and trying to be a more interesting, fun and supportive friend. I am enjoying the beautufil view from my office window. I am counting my blessings that I am one of the lucky ones for whom COVID has brought an increase in business and I am trying to give my customers extra good service in return. I am counting my blessings that we have great NHS personnel especially those lovely people who are being so kind and so skilled in my treatment. I have many great memories from my recent years as an airshow display pilot, flying the aeroplane which I built myself – as a result of attending your courses and affirming those were my ambitions and goals. I acheived them!

  2. October 15th 2020 by Louise Skinner

    We started a diy/home improvement project as a result of the 17 pop up in the summer and are getting things done after years of procrastination. Once the dirty work is complete I’m making curtain and cushion covers to make our sitting room cosy. Also investing in a quality furry throw to snuggle under with the dog. Embracing the dark evenings as there is no excuse not to be sewing/creating at my kitchen table. Also, getting up early to maximise the daylight and using the dry spells to get out on my bike. Autumn/Winter are great for getting stuff done indoors.

  3. October 15th 2020 by Lloydie Gardiner

    I go to bed earlier and get up earlier, make sure I’m in the gym at least mornings a week and when i leave the gym it is daylight!

  4. October 15th 2020 by Chris Berrett

    25p that’s ridiculous!

  5. October 15th 2020 by Yvonne Pope

    Going swimming two mornings per week. Getting a headtorch and going running in the evenings. Practising gratitude!

  6. October 15th 2020 by Valerie Cummings

    Thank you Michael for your view on coping with Covid. My favourite time of day is when I am out walking Trampus, my Labradoodle, and watching the down-pouring of Autumn leaves – so beautiful!
    The squirrels are running around in their dozens, hoarding acorns before hibernation which brings a huge smile on my face!
    All is not bad!

  7. October 16th 2020 by Sarah McGeough

    Eating lots of biscuits! 😂

    But in all seriousness we are enjoying the simple things in life, building lego, reading books with our son, snuggling up in bed as a family, going for walks, throwing stones in the sea, enjoying nature!

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