The sea squirt is a fascinating creature. It spends the first part of its life using its simple brain to find somewhere to live.

Once the little filter feeder finds a home (a warm rock with lots of passing food), it attaches itself and and promptly stays there for the rest of its life.

Here’s where the sea squirt is a little different to other creatures.

Because its major purpose has been fulfilled – he eats his own brain.

Crazy as a coconut! Yes, but…

How many sophisticated humans do their own version of a sea squirt?

Use their brilliant brain to get started then get comfortable and ‘eat their brain’.

They slow down. Stay put. Stop growing the grey matter.

So what if you decided to grow your brain? Add a bit of cerebral compost.

What if you actively sought some new stimulus? Left the rock and found a better place?

Sea squirts adapt brilliantly to their environment.

Humans are designed to change theirs.

Be Brilliant!



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