Hentitled: Those who strut, clucking endlessly about why they should have what they think they deserve, without putting in effort and forgetting everyone else…

 Often with an ‘I’ve paid, therefore…’ mind-set.

Cluck, cluck, cluck.

‘I pay my rates, why can’t the council pick up this rubbish?’


‘I pay my taxes for the NHS – I demand a better service.’


‘The customer service was appalling.  I was on hold for 20 minutes but when I finally got through I told them … ‘


The Hentitled rarely take a moment to consider the other side. A paradigm shift.

The idea of seeing something from another’s point of view would mean the Hentitled would have to stop clucking and start looking and listening.

Perhaps picking up some rubbish?

Maybe taking care of their own health first so they don’t have to be ‘fixed’ by our brilliant but overstretched NHS?

When they do get connected, to consider how overworked the contact centre person may be?

The next time you find yourself being a little Hentitled and catch yourself clucking, take a moment to consider that you’re probably acting like a male hen!

Be Brilliant!


Let me know which Hentitled attitudes drive you nuts. Please leave a comment below…


  1. October 25th 2018 by Chris Brown

    perhaps you could put
    ‘Clucking here’

    1. October 25th 2018 by Michael Heppell

      Hi Chris No idea what that means but YES!

  2. October 25th 2018 by Jonathan Cushnie

    “I’ve paid my road tax why should anyone else use my road” – just remember whoever we are, what ever transport we use, someone’s waiting for us to get home don’t make them wait up or worry.

    1. October 25th 2018 by Michael Heppell

      Hi Jonathan. That’s a lesson for me. Great time to do a paradigm shift is when driving.

  3. October 25th 2018 by Julian Burnell

    Love this article.
    My favourite is “I made my own way in the world, nobody helped me…” usually used to justify being selfish, both by individuals and corporations. In a very few cases it might be true, but really? You didn’t gain from state schools, health services, police keeping the law, armies keeping your borders safe? Governments building roads? Making water come out of the taps? Nothing at all? Hmmmm… cluck, cluck indeed.

    1. October 25th 2018 by Michael Heppell

      Brilliant response Julian. Agree 100%.

  4. October 25th 2018 by Karen

    Well said Michael – and a good self check for us all. It is only when we put ourselves in
    Other’s shoes we can move forwards, collaborating to make things better for all.

    1. October 25th 2018 by Michael Heppell

      Couldn’t agree more Karen. Thank you for commenting.

  5. October 25th 2018 by Terri Cripps

    A classic case of hentitled:
    When the hens fly budget airline with their oversized vanity case and give the looks of digust – eye rolling – tutting – moaning at stewards etc., because they cant fit their oversized vanity case in the overhead storage right above their seat!!!!!

    1. October 25th 2018 by Michael Heppell

      I love the fact you’ve already named them ‘The hens!’

  6. October 26th 2018 by catherine wilson

    The people who “choose to put themselves” on benefits then complain about what they can’t get or complain about our poor nhs being stretched to breaking point…get off your bum and get yourself a job and start paying into the system…these cluckers drive me MAD!

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