I used to argue that ‘hope was not a strategy’; this was a classic piece of most business training, encouraging participants to be strategic.

But in these days, HOPE is a strategy.

In fact, without hope and faith, it’s easy to become very low.

I’ve spent the last 10 days mainly on Zoom and Teams, coaching; helping people and organisations (of course organisations are people) during these extremely challenging times.

I’ve suggested to many that holding on to hope is key and without hope, all the hacks, tricks and tips mean nothing.

Millions of people who previously commuted to a workplace are now working from home.

Thousands of organisations have had to close their doors.

Millions of people can no longer be in the same room as their loved ones.

With all of this taking place, hope must be a strategy.

With hope comes confidence, optimism, courage and faith.

Hope brings out the best in people. Fear can bring out the worst.

And one of the best ways to build hope is to spend (virtual) time with hopeful people.

I’m astounded by the positivity and camaraderie of the members of my How To Be Brilliant Facebook group.

In the last week we’ve run:

A 3-day Motivation and Productivity challenge

Wellness Wednesday, with amazing tips to – eat well, think well and move well

Trades Tuesday, where people can sell their products and services

Magic Monday, a LIVE training which includes me performing a magic trick

Tomorrow, we have Live Fix It Friday where I answer members’ questions

And we are currently running a virtual book club.  (You can download a free classic personal development book and review it on Sunday evening)

If you’re not part of How To Be Brilliant just yet, please join us and you’ll see how hope really is a strategy.

Be Brilliant!


PS I am humbled and grateful to my coaching clients who have all stuck with Christine and I during this challenging time. Perhaps it’s because they understand that coaching is more important than ever and this is the perfect time to focus on creating a new you. Or maybe they enjoy the catch up?

If you’d like information about our coaching programs please respond to this email.

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