It’s July 4th and across the UK people are heading to the polls for the General Election.

Now, I’m not going to tell you which party I’m voting for. That’s between me, the ballot box, my wife and everyone else who knows me!

Instead, I thought I’d share with you ten principles and values I would like to see in Number 10.

These are the ones I strive for and would vote for every single day. 

1. Integrity 
Doing the right thing even when no one is watching. It’s about being honest and having strong moral principles. ‘Integrity isn’t afraid of the dark; it’s what remains when the lights go out’. That’s why it tops the list.

Vote for integrity in your decisions and actions.

2. Respect 
Valuing everyone’s opinions and treating people with kindness and consideration, regardless of their background or beliefs.  

Vote for respect in every interaction.

3. Growth Mindset 

I believe that all abilities can be developed through learning, enthusiasm and hard work.

Vote for continuous learning and improvement.

4. Empathy 
The glue that holds relationships together. It allows us to understand and share the feelings of others. Take time to walk in someone else’s shoes.

Vote for empathy in your heart.

5. Commitment

Sticking to your word and following through on promises – long after the moment when the commitment was made. And even when it’s tough. Commitment builds trust and reliability.

Vote for consistent commitment.

6. Positivity 

That’s not positive thinking, it’s positive action! Don’t ignore the downs – act. Focus on the ups and build. And it starts with the answer to this question. ‘How are you today?’

Vote for positive action.

7. Generosity 
Kindness isn’t just about giving money. It’s about giving time, knowledge and compassion. Be generous when you can, be kind when you can’t.

Vote for a generous spirit.

8. Accountability 
Own up to mistakes, learn from them and move forward with integrity. Show humility. Accountability is crucial for personal and professional growth.

Vote for personal accountability. 

9. Teamwork 
Great things are rarely achieved alone. Embrace teamwork and collaboration. Celebrate the strengths of others and work together to achieve shared goals. 

Vote for the power of team.

10. Brilliance! 
Live with passion. Whatever you do, do it with your whole heart. Brilliance is contagious and can inspire those around you. Why be good when you can be brilliant


Ten values I treasure and would ‘vote’ for every day.

What values do you hold dear? 

What would you always vote for?

Please share them below.

Be Brilliant!



  1. July 4th 2024 by Julie Redwood

    Absolutely love this! One of the best messages I’ve read in a long time

  2. July 4th 2024 by Gillian Christine C Shaw

    Absolutely perfect comments , great post GILL

  3. July 4th 2024 by Sarah

    I know who you’re not voting for, then!

  4. July 4th 2024 by Ian Sandford

    Hi Michael,
    I agree wholeheartedly with your desired values but if you can find brilliance amongst our choices today, I’d love to know who!?

    Hoping you’re keeping well, thriving as ever! (I’m still intending to write that book one day!)

  5. July 4th 2024 by Claire Nicholas

    I’m one of those people who, without moving house, now has to vote in a new constituency. Not only do I know nothing about the candidates, they know nothing about my home town. Therefore, I’ve decided to vote according to my likes and dislikes, and not be swayed by all the bullish!t that comes out on these occasions. I have as much chance of getting it right this way, and at least I am sticking to my beliefs.

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