A Presentation Masterclass with Michael Heppell

LEEDS July 5th 2019

LONDON July 12th 2019

Whether you’re pitching one to one, or taking to the stage in front of hundreds, Michael Heppell’s Masterclass will teach you:

How to make the perfect start

The unlucky 13 presentation mistakes most people make and how to avoid them

Using technology so technology doesn’t use you

How to create a compelling narrative

A simple method to design open and closed story loops

Capturing the power of metaphors

16 Tricks Of The Trade that professional speakers use

How to turn nervousness into confidence

Six words you should never use – and seven you should

Designing the perfect call to action ending

How to create and use embedded commands

And much more…

This Masterclass is perfect for anyone who:

Presents ideas to colleagues

Speaks at Trade Shows or events

Attends networking events

Bids for business

Would like to be a speaker

Leads teams (large or small)

Wants to better connect with their customer

Would like to know the secrets of one of the world’s top presenters