I used to be the best…

What would you rather be known for?

Used to be the best. Or…

On the way up, but not best yet?

Some people, places, companies etc still trade on their past successes. You can’t blame them, we’ve all done it.

But you can’t rely on former glory.

The restaurant with the faded ‘Best in Town 2009’ certificate on the wall.

A company with their Investors in People 2012 trophy gathering dust in reception.

The actor with a screen shot from their 1978 sit-com that was nominated for a BAFTA.

It’s like still having your Christmas decoration up in June.

The very best all have one thing in common; they never stop learning, moving out of their comfort zone and focusing on the future. The by-product tends to be renewed success, new awards and further recognition.

Be Brilliant!




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