I’d rather watch boxing than fight.  


I’d rather be the driver than the passenger. 


I’d rather be the diner than the chef. 


I’d rather be the speaker than the listener. 


I’d rather be the leader than the follower. 


I’d rather be on stage than in the audience. 


I’d rather find the solution than worry about the problem.  


I’d rather be too hot than too cold. 


I’d rather be too busy than slightly bored. 


I’d rather have my mind changed than maintain a myth. 


I’d rather try something new and be disappointed than have the ‘same old’ and be bored 


I’d rather trust and be let down than be suspicious and never know 


What would you rather?  


I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.


Be Brilliant!






  1. May 12th 2022 by Julie Larkin

    I’d rather be the inspirer than the demotivator.

    I’d rather be loved than disliked.

  2. May 12th 2022 by Wendy

    I’d rather face my fears and grow than hide and go backwards.

  3. May 12th 2022 by Susan Salmon

    I’d rather be told the truth than a lie

  4. May 12th 2022 by Gillian Westlake

    I’d definitely rather be too hot than too cold. I’d rather be alive than dead. I’d rather be happy than sad, I’d rather tackle a lion than a spider ( well maybe not quite ) I’d rather be generous than mean .I’d
    rather I’d rather be on a beach in the Caribbean than anywhere else right now.

  5. May 12th 2022 by Nia

    I’d rather have the opportunity to learn and grow from a tough life lesson than regret having the unpleasant experience.

  6. May 12th 2022 by Noel Wincote

    depends on how one says the word that changes its impact, as in Leslie Philips’s way or some hoity-toity way, which makes all the difference.

  7. May 12th 2022 by Mo

    I’d rather be told an uncomfortable truth than an easy lie, I’d rather be well than be ill 🤧 I’d rather trust and occasionally be hurt and let down than keep people away with suspicion and never make connections, I’d rather walk my dogs than go to a party …….

  8. May 12th 2022 by Neil Rutherford

    In the opening line of a well known song, I would rather be a sparrow than a snail.

  9. May 12th 2022 by Neil Rutherford

    As a geordie, I would rather be at St James’ Park than the Stadium of Light.

  10. May 12th 2022 by Gaynor

    I’d be the organiser than the foot soldier

  11. May 12th 2022 by Diane Parker

    Id rather be resting than having to work
    When all of that cleaning just drives me beserk
    Id rathet be eating a nice creamy cake
    All pilled high with layers a feast on a plate
    Id rather be travelling to hot sunny climes
    Where the cool of the lotion is simply divine
    Id rather be writing this poem for you
    Because theres no better practise
    Than reading it through

  12. May 12th 2022 by Beth

    I’d rather drink champagne than fizzy water! I’d rather watch the rugby than be in the scrum. I’d rather work my way to my first million than win it on the lottery.

  13. May 12th 2022 by james brindley

    I’d rather just do something than be told to do it.

  14. May 12th 2022 by Julie Anne

    I’d rather be a cat than a dog, so I can sleep all day and play at night 🐈😁

  15. May 12th 2022 by Jackie Winnell

    I’d rather be healthy than unwell
    I’d rather try and fail than not try at all
    I’d rather dance in the rain than sit out the storm
    I’d rather be a WTB Alumni than a failed writer
    I’d rather help the homeless than live in a palace
    Lastly, d rather get my book finished than keep procrastinating!

  16. May 14th 2022 by Charles Bonilla

    I’d rather read than watch tv.

    I’d rather watch local weather than hours of news.

    I’d rather read the news than watch it.

    I’d rather go to work than work from home.

    I’d rather take the bus to work than the subway.

    I’d rather walk than drive.

    I’d rather find the solution than complain and whine.

    I’d rather wear a smile than a scowl.

  17. May 15th 2022 by Andy B

    I’d rather be on Michael’s mailing list than not. Thank you for your continued inspiration.

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