SEO doesn’t have a wife 
The eagle made it 
Tribe meal, tribe test, tribe grain 

They are just three of the notes I found in my bedside notepad.

I always sleep with a jotter that’s within grabbing distance…

just in case.

I have had some inspired ideas in the middle of the night

and I certainly can’t trust my memory to recall them in the morning.

I’ve just started to use a reMarkable 2 so I’ve been reviewing my old bedside notebook.

Along with the three scribblings above, I also found:

Keep it, the trousers. 
Marble is the [unreadable] and feel that, it’s there. 

Peter knows, but you can’t ask, he needs to tell you 

Any ideas?  What was I thinking, dreaming, doing?

I’d love to know your thoughts.

Can you translate my ramblings?

Have you had brilliant ideas in the middle of the night?

Am I certifiable?

Share your ideas below and I’ll send a copy of my book Brilliant Life to our favourite.

Be Brilliant!



  1. August 19th 2021 by Lesley Renault

    Perhaps he is someone who likes to sculpt in the nude. He hasn’t confided in his friend Peter but feels he knows more about the trousers than he is saying!!! Question is how to get him to disclose without asking.

  2. August 19th 2021 by Michael Garde

    Love my reMarkable 2, great for organising all my (ex)paper notes

  3. August 19th 2021 by Theresa Jauregui

    Don’t think your note taking is very helpful, Michael! 😂

  4. August 19th 2021 by Sue Cavill

    Oh My! That’s the sort of random thing I text myself and then have no clue 😂 so I’ve enabled diction in the hope it will make more sense

  5. August 19th 2021 by Judy Brulo

    Hi, Michael,
    SEO doesn’t have a wife. Search Engine Optimisations rarely do!
    The eagle made it. Only eagles dare.
    Tribe meal, tribe test, tribe grain. A strap line for a new cereal.

    Keep it, the trousers. You’re clearing your closet. You, or Christine says, ”That? Keep it.” You say, “What?” She says, “The trousers!”
    Marble is the [unreadable] and feel that, it’s there. Marble is the ultimate medium for my next sculpture. When you feel it, you know that it’s real, and it’s there.
    Peter knows, but you can’t ask, he needs to tell you. You give him the time and the space and the security he needs then he’ll tell you without you asking.

    During the night, ideas come. A notepad is necessary because no matter how many times I say ‘I’ll remember that in the morning’ I never do.
    Around 4 a.m. is usually when it happens. Something to do with the Alpha and Beta waves of the brain, I think. It happens when I’m walking, too.

    Not certifiable!

    All best wishes,

  6. August 19th 2021 by Karen Wagner

    Well Peter Rabbit wears a jacket and no trousers, so you want him to keep the jacket otherwise he’d be completely naked, you know he knows why he doesn’t wear trousers but you can’t ask because it’s rude so he needs to tell you why. With the marble, maybe that’s what the finished product is like when you write a book, the first draft is relatable to roughly hacking it out of stone but the polished end product is like marble.

  7. August 19th 2021 by Noel Wincote

    Are you on drugs, CEO doesn’t have a wife, The Beagle made it, tried meat, tried & tested, tried again.
    Keep it in your trousers.
    May need work as I feel that it’s nearly there.
    Peter knows, but you can’t ask him, he needs to tell you.
    How that any clearer????????

  8. August 19th 2021 by Noel Wincote

    Me and Derek Crysell have a degree in gibberish because he told me so.

  9. August 19th 2021 by Dawn Booth

    Trousers…so who wears the trousers 👖 , why are trousers so important, does a pair of trousers put you in the lead, why trousers, what gives trousers such importance, it’s not what you’re wearing but what your giving, so trousers, kilt , shorts or as above running naked below the waistline like Peter rabbit 🐰(and pooh bear🐻) give more than is expected and expect nothing, attire doesn’t give you the upper hand a good heart ❤️ does.

  10. August 19th 2021 by Chris M Smith

    Two separate chain of thoughts;
    First I think you was dreaming about Peter Pan
    He took Wendy to Neverland where she acted as a Mother to him and the Lost Boys – he never had a wife
    He is referred to by one character as Little Eagle.
    He made it by defeating Captain Hook.
    Tribe refers to the Lost Boys who were saved .
    (man, you have weird thoughts !)
    You also had the parts of a verse but only remembered odd words;
    I think the full verse was something like :
    “The deepening shadows drain the life from the day
    Under the cover of which they dare to play.
    Taking what they want, like gifts given by the night,
    Invading dreams like a midnight blight.
    “Keep it” seems to be the message from inside the dark houses,
    Take it and leave us in peace – an order to the rabble rousers.
    In marble chapel halls so cold and quiet, familiar of feel and dark without sight,
    Find their places with such ease and lay again to await the night,
    When once again they go out to roam and play,
    As Peter knows, eternally they remain this way.”

  11. August 20th 2021 by Sue Trusler

    SEO doesn’t have a wife, because she would prioritise all her favourite brands.
    Eddie the Eagle made a name for himself by promoting his brand and being visible. We all know his name.
    Promise your Tribe a feast, test their loyalty then drip feed them, a little at a time to keep them interested.
    Keep it simple, everyone knows that legs go in trousers, so you would never write :- picking up a garment with one large hole at the top, two tapering lengths of cloth , each with a small hole at the bottom, he mused over what part of his body might suitably be clothed with this three holed piece of denim, Keep it simple :- pulling on his trousers.
    Marble is tough but feels smooth and can survive for hundreds of years as a statue or part of a building. A book is tough to write, becomes smooth as marble once edited and polished, then it will be there for hundreds of years.
    Peter knows all the secrets of Never Never Land, but you cant ask him because your an adult, he needs to tell you through the eyes of your children, when you read them a bedtime story.

  12. August 20th 2021 by Gayle Hubble

    You can have some fantastic ideas at night! Funnily enough, two nights before this email, I had a great idea for my book, which I’m now going to develop!
    Anyway, I think you were dreaming about Peter rabbit, a film has recently come out after all. Or have you been watching it on Cbeebies with Ella.
    Mr McGregor had managed to get Peter’s trousers and Peter’s Mum had decided it was too risky to try and get them back and told Peter that she’d decided Mr McGregor could keep them. Mr McGregor had put them on his marble statue. Peter knew that they are were there and because rabbits never give up, he went to get them back with his rabbit friends.
    The trousers miraculously turn up back at the burrow home!
    Peter’s Mum didn’t want to ask Peter how the trousers had turned up, she wanted to wait for Peter to do the right thing and own up and tell her.
    That was fun to do!
    Gayle 😁

  13. August 21st 2021 by lenise

    Keep it, the trousers
    Marble is the solid rock to build on and feel that, it’s there
    Peter knows, but you can’t ask, he needs to tell you

    This a cryptic note left behind by a gangster who was escping from prison on Dartmoor. It was found by a group of youths. One of them recognised the handwriting. His name was Guy Burke. He knew that this meant his uncle had escaped and was heading toward the rocks which resembled marble. They used to call them the marbles as they were at the edge of the shoreline.
    The sea used to toss their waves over them, making them shine. They were near the shoreline, miles away.
    Peter knows – but where is he? What is the significance of the trousers mentioned? That was either a real garment or maybe a hiding place.
    For a couple of days, Guy and his cronies discussed this then someone came up with a suggestion, “Trousers could refer to covering. Maybe as a door to a cave.”
    Another asked, “So who is Peter?”
    “Uncle Ned always had names for his posessions.”
    Silence fell amongst the youths. The youngest piped up, “Could it be a tape recorder?”
    They all rounded on him saying how stupid that idea was, and other mean things, until Guy raised his voice, “He could have a point.”

    The riddle is a storyline. I am going to use this one day.

  14. October 30th 2021 by Tricia Frances

    MMM well over the last 30 years I have filled over 30 large notebooks with writing, plus sketchbooks of art in my meditation or in the night. They will make a great basis to parts of my autobiography. I am a prolific dreamer often resolving problems in my sleep. So one of the best things that happened was dreaming about how to paint a specific painting which i had not tried before. I woke up, got out of bed, went into my studio and painted it. It is still, all these years later, my favourite artwork!

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