When you think genius, it’s difficult for Albert Einstein not to spring to mind.

The more you read about him, the more you discover what a fascinating character he was.

More failures than successes.

Less recognition for the things he thought were most important and more recognition for the ones that were popularised.

Some brilliant women in his life – who never got a mention (surprise).

And lots of other fascinating facts.

I wonder what that great mind would do if he were working today?

Would Einstein be embracing The Google?

I must use Google searches 20 times a day.

It’s difficult to avoid settling an argument without saying ‘I’ll Google it

Isn’t it amazing how much we trust what The Google tells us?

I’ve set myself a challenge (maybe you could join in?); instead of immediately diving into Google, I’m going to think for a few moments. Then I’m going to make a conscious decision whether I want to or need to look it up.

I think the world record for this is… (hang on, let me Google it)… Doh!

Could you live without Google? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. October 28th 2021 by Loraine

    Am I the only one hearing this to the tune of Einstein a go go?
    I use Google a lot, I’d be lost without it.

  2. October 28th 2021 by Julie Adams

    Haha! Yes I’m hearing that song too, just shows our age though!
    I actually cannot remember what we did without Google, it’s bloody brilliant and saves so much time!

  3. October 28th 2021 by Neil Evans

    Not a direct answer, but an observation. When I do the general knowledge crossword in the Saturday newspaper, mentally I regard looking up an answer in a book we may have as perfectly acceptable but using Google to get the same answer as cheating. That probably says a great deal about when I grew up and the books I have at home rather than any ability to survive without Google!

  4. October 28th 2021 by Dave Barker

    I use Google for quick answers but still rely on reference books for in-depth information – perhaps it’s my age!

  5. October 28th 2021 by Marilyn Payne

    I sometimes like to have it for trivial reasons. For example, I was watching a programme on tv and I recognised one of the main characters, by his eyes. His name came up on the credits at the end of the programme but it didn’t ring a bell, so I googled what he had been in before. Oh my goodness, he had been in Shameless! A totally different role than the one he was playing now, a detective in charge of solving a double murder. Did i need this information? Probably not.

  6. October 28th 2021 by Simon Lewis

    Interestingly I use Internet Explorer and Safari more than Google… and yet I still say “I’ll Google it”. I wonder, how long it will be before Google looses it’s capital “G” and becomes a recognised verb like hoover?

  7. October 28th 2021 by Tony Flood

    Goole provides a mass of valuable information. Facebook is great for contacting people. Can you please explain how we can build a tribe and would it be mainly ‘friends’ on Facebook. Then, at what stage should we ask members of our tribe to support us by ordering a copy of our new book prior to it being published. I feel that specific advice like this would be very helpful and would encourage more people to join your webinars.

  8. October 28th 2021 by Jane Roskell

    If I still had my book collection,if I spent hours in the local library and if I knew a host of academics maybe .

  9. October 28th 2021 by Jess

    Yes I google a lot too, but am trying lately to hover in the unknowing – my kids (re)taught me this, the possibilities are endless and usually much more fun. I’m hoping it will help with reducing their anxiety about new things in their life longer term but who knows. it has definitely helped me with noticing how quick we are to need an answer, a ‘truth’, which I think is a bit of a shame for society – embrace pondering and wondering – what’s wrong with that sometimes too

  10. October 28th 2021 by John Beattie

    Only if I had the Encyclopaedia. Something we never had in our house

  11. October 30th 2021 by Natalie

    I’d recommend using Ecosia instead of Google! It’s powered using renewable energy and uses profits to plant trees in biodiversity hotspots around the world.

  12. October 30th 2021 by Tricia Frances

    I would like to say, no never, I can draw on my education and life experiences to answer any questions I have but…….Yep guilty!! I use it all the time! I have so many tabs open on my pc that finally today google told me it couldnt help me till i closed some down! lol!

  13. November 2nd 2021 by Dan Altmire

    One of my favorite quotes of Einstien is “It is not possible to solve the problem on the same level at which it originated. You need to rise above this problem, up, to the next level to see it from the other perspective”
    Google start where you ask it to start. That is usually at the same level.
    Sometimes it gives you a great reference point, but rarely intuitively takes you to the next level.
    My study of comedy instinctively leads me to instantaneously deconstruct and reconstruct, searching for what is unique. Linear thinking can be effective but thinking like a Shaman or Comedian can lead to some Einstein moments.

  14. November 4th 2021 by karen mccann

    We all have one of those friends who is always right and it’s easier to give in than argue. Luckily we also have a friend who googles absolutely anything.
    Today, the discussion was when Woolies closed down in Barry. Common sense said that it must have been after I moved here, or I wouldn’t have known about it ever being here but friend one insisted it’d closed at least 20 years ago. The other 6 friends agreed with my argument so to avoid WW3 erupting, friend 2 consulted the Google and made friend 1 apologise. She wasn’t at all happy but even she won’t challenge the mighty Google! Oh – it closed in 2008!

  15. November 5th 2021 by David peters

    To be honest, I choose Google! Now my iq is ok at 145 last time it was measured. But under the motto work smarter not harder, I say ask the Google… we still have to assess the information the Google provides, and make the decision about the relevance of its results . 🙂

  16. November 7th 2021 by Lenise

    I do use Google, but I don’t always find what I need so I end up by asking people for information. Could I live without Google? Probably.

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