Last Saturday I hosted a very special event.

DAY17 featured 17 amazing speakers who freely shared their incredible knowledge and expertise with 50 guests in the room and a further 75 online.

Patrick Kielty, who would normally have his audience shedding tears of laughter, found another way to make us cry with his beautiful presentation – Seeing The Person.

Neil Mullarkey, one of the original Comedy Store Players, created a room full of joy with a fantastic 17-minute workshop In the Moment.

We discovered the importance of North Star Thinking from the wonderful Will Polston.

And why Soft skills are more important than ever in a hard world with Debra Stevens.

I’m not going to list all the presentations (there are 13 more), but if you would like to watch them online, you can by ordering the replays.

Show me the DAY17 Replays


There’s something special about learning from like-minded people.

People who freely share their time, energy, expertise and love.

My message this week is simple.

Share what you know.

Share what you do.

Share what you love.

Share what you care about.

What would you like to share?

Please share a comment below.

Be Brilliant!


  1. June 22nd 2023 by Jane Parsons

    I’m sorry I was not able to attend the event – time and finances are tight.
    But I’m so glad to share in the lead up and the aftermath. They’re full of good feelings.
    I’d like to share what I care about. It’s giving people (friends, family in particular, acquaintances and strangers sometimes) my time. Not in an arrogant way. My time isn’t worth any more or less than anyone else’s. But it’s my gift to give, wholeheartedly, and it’s often really difficult to find it! I really value being held and heard myself. It happens so rarely but when someone chooses to give me their gift of time, and share it with me, I am very grateful and made whole by it. So if I can do the same and share some of my time with someone, it’s a way of showing my gratitude for being heard and understood.

  2. June 23rd 2023 by Dan Altmire

    I was online for the entire event. I was unable to swim across the Atlantic.
    This was a marvelous TEAM 17 event.
    Most online events are dominated by the originator (in this case Michael Heppell), but Michael, while acting as the Master of Ceremonies, facilitated 17 marvelous presentations. 17 sounds like a lot, but the day moved along with ease.
    I recommend that, even if you attended, you go back and watch each of these TEAM 17 presentations.
    Oh, and if you are not a member, join this open and growing community,

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