“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”

That’s a great quote. Attributed to Ann Landers (Eppie Lederer), Derek Bok and a bunch of other chancers who wish they’d said it.

Everyone claims they’re ‘always learning’. And to a point, yes.

But the truth is most have lowered their learning to a leisurely stroll.


After all, learning; unlocks opportunities, helps you to stay relevant, empowers personal growth, develops links, increases income, improves problem-solving skills, raises resilience, makes you a better parent/lover/friend, forges flexibility, expands social status, builds confidence and helps you live longer!

So why the low uptake?

Because learning takes effort. And anything that takes effort quickly sorts the wheat from the chaff.

You’ve read this far. That tells me two things:

You’re a learner.


You’re curious.

Curiosity is a key driver of learning. If you’re not curious, learning is a slog.

If you are curious, learning is a joy.

I’ve just spent a week with 98 writers who want to be successful authors.

The event was easy, a joy to teach and packed with active learners. You know the type, Show me and I’ll do it, I’ll ask questions, push myself and make it a must.


I wince when I think about my school days. Doing the minimum, getting into trouble, counting the minutes to the bell and days ’til I could leave.

And here you are, still reading.

Still curious?

Next weekend on 17th February 100 curious learners will meet at the Gala Theatre in Durham, and a further 200 will tune in online, for DAY17.

17 presenters will share their wisdom, drop knowledge bombs and make life easier, better, more fun and fulfilled for the audience.

And guess what? As a curious learner, you’re invited!

If you can be there, brilliant. You’ll be in the room for something very special.

If you can’t be there, watch online (you’ll have access to the recordings too).

Keep being curious.

Click here.


I’d love to know your thoughts on this message, I AM always learning 🙂

Be Brilliant!



  1. February 8th 2024 by Lorna Clark

    I was unhappy at senior school and couldn’t wait to leave. Now in my seventies, I’m so glad of my education. The best thing it taught me was how to learn and in the years since school I have never stopped learning. With technology advancing as it is, I’m more keen to learn than ever. Thank you for your wisdom, Michael.

  2. February 8th 2024 by Steve Bell

    Great post. Too true. Learning something significant such as a new language takes real effort especially for anyone >50. But it’s very rewarding and fulfilling.

  3. February 8th 2024 by Debbie Buxton

    Love this post, Michael. Learning is a joy! I’m interested in virtually anything and everything, and the more you learn, the more you realise you don’t know. I hope to keep on learning every day of my life.

  4. February 9th 2024 by Fiona Setch

    Learning is effortless when you have brilliant people inspiring you ! Team 17 sprinkles learning into my life …loving learning 🙂

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