I could say I’m a procrastinator.


Good things come to those who wait.

Either way, I’m two years behind schedule with something important.

BUT, I’ve fixed it.

You see, almost three years ago I published a book called 17. It was a limited-edition hardback. Only 1,000 copies were printed and each one was numbered and signed.

They sold out in a couple of days and I kicked myself for not printing 5,000.

No problem, I thought, I’ll create a paperback and make that available a year later.

That was August 2020.


One of the complications of procrastination, is the thought of what you should be doing is ever-present.

Popping up when you don’t need it and disappearing when you do.

Then suddenly… boom! A flash of insight. And you’re back on track.

I had that flash a few months ago.

My insight was threefold:

1 A paperback edition of the same book is boring – what can I do to make it exciting?

2 What can I add? I’m a different, hopefully better, person than I was three years ago. What more can I share?

3 Create a deadline. Basically, get your finger out.


My solution 

Create a new second edition of 17 and use some flip it thinking.

Instead of the distinctive iconic blue 17 on a bright orange cover (the first edition), make the cover a limited edition 17 blue!

And there’s more, a lot more.

Increase and improve the content, by:

Editing some parts out

Writing 6 brand new chapters

Enhancing the copy

Adding 13,957 words!

Reduce the price – take a look.

Make 17 blue a limited edition collectable copy, before reverting back to orange.

Sign and number each special edition.

Create some brilliant bonus chapters.

Launch it today (publish on September 17th).


Fun eh!

Well, I’m excited.

You can order 17 blue from today.

As it’s a limited edition and I’m numbering each one, if you order now, you’ll receive a low number. A collector’s item!

You can find out more, see the new chapters and discover why 17 blue is special by clicking here.

Please share your thoughts here. Maybe even in 17 words? 😉

Be Brilliant!


  1. July 27th 2023 by Nicki

    Does it take 17 minutes to process the payment online as I am struggling to order it! (17 words exactly!)

    1. July 28th 2023 by Michael Heppell

      Thanks for your 17 word comment. Brilliant! We’ve sent you an email.

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