In fact, I’m buzzing like a panicked bee on a hot summer’s day, trapped in a jam jar.

I’m wearing a bit of ‘clever tech’. It’s supposed to be helping me but every few seconds this confounded gadget lights up and shocks me. Buzz!

Shocks me back into perfect posture.

It’s been given to me as a useful aid by one of my friends. It’s supposed to be helping me to improve my posture – but I can’t help thinking it’s an elaborate practical joke.

The challenge is to sit totally upright – if you slouch, the electronic device attached to your upper back buzzes.

The goal is to do five minutes straight.  My record is currently 14 seconds, before – buzz!

It’s an ingenious bit of kit as it also connects to my phone and lets me know how well I’m doing and spurs me along.

Just now my screen has lit up and I’ve been rewarded with a cup – Hooray!

And the news that next time ‘we train’ I’ll need to aim for 10 minutes – Boo!

And as I’ve just caught myself using unhelpful self-talk language, I’ve flipped it from:

Can I do that?


I can do that!

All new behaviours take time.  They also need to be built on habits.

And to create a habit, the action or correction needs to be kept front of mind. Buzzz.

What do you want to change?

Is there someone who you’d like to model?

What are their behaviours?

How can you move towards this, one small step (habit) at a time? And what will remind you to do it every day?

I’d love to know how you have created a new behaviour and what you did to remind yourself to take action.  Please leave a comment below.

Be Brilliant!


PS My last newsletter received a lot more comments than usual.  If you missed it you can read about it here.


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