I’m one of those people who loves buying books.

I also love reading books.

And .guess what? I love writing books!

Obviously, I read more than I can write.

But why do I buy more than I can read?

Much of it is the feeling of a buying a new book.

And physical books are the ultimate.

(You wouldn’t see anyone admiring the cover of their Kindle then flipping it over to see what’s on the back.)

That feeling has a name… it’s called ‘book love’.

And I’m smitten.

92% of people claim at some point in their lives that they would like to write a book. I can see why.

Yet less than 1% do.

They have ‘book love’ but need the ‘book how’.

And (cue cheesy fanfare) that’s where I come in.

This April I’m once again hosting my Write That Book Pop up and Challenge.

And you’re invited.

If you’re in that 91%. The what ifs?  The could I, should I, can I?

Then take a look at what this Write That Book Challenge is all about.

All the information is here.

Be Brilliant


PS I was going to apologise for a Thursday Message that was about writing books. But then thought… if I can write about First Days (last week) and Wishes (week before) I can write to you about Book Love. Here’s the info. www.WriteThatBook.co.uk

Do you love books as much as me? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. March 24th 2022 by Diane Hull

    Michael’s strange confession,
    Its crazy but it’s true;
    He can’t stop buying books
    And he loves writing too!
    Michael calls it ‘Book Love.’
    He says that he is smitten.
    He buys more books than he can read
    And more than he has written.
    92% of people
    Say a book they’ll write.
    Less than 1% of them
    Have one in their sight.
    They may have the “Book Love,”
    They may have it now.
    In addition to the “Book Love”,
    They need to learn, “Book How”.
    This is Michael’s forte,
    Michael fits in here.
    “Write That Book” will help you
    To write your book this year.

  2. March 24th 2022 by Sharon Sanders

    I love books and always have multiple ones on the go at the same time. Nothing is more exciting than the touch and smell of a book. It is true love

  3. March 24th 2022 by Joseph Irving

    I was in Tenarife with my wife some years ago and I had the Alex Salmond book and got burnt reading it cover to cover I couldn’t put it down it was brilliant he was so busy in 2014 so it came a bit of a surprise when the allegations started about his conduct charged with 14 counts which I thought very odd and the reason I thought odd was the number 14 there was for me a subliminal reason for this number 14 and 2014 that I felt did not add up

  4. March 24th 2022 by Fiona Myles

    Yes I have book love .
    I have 2 books on the go at the moment. I’m in for the challenge again . Loved it all so much the last time .

  5. March 25th 2022 by Amanda Franklin

    I love books but I have been living from a suitcase since Nov 2019 so they are all on kindle (even your How to Be Brilliant book!!) and always scroll to the front page to gaze at the front cover!!

  6. March 30th 2022 by Claire Nicholas

    Oh I most certainly do have book love, it is an obsession. I’ve just come back from Hay on Wye with 8 ‘pre-loved’ books more to find room for, somewhere. I currently have 4 books on the go: one pocket sized to slip into pocket just in case; a couple of study books and another novel in the bathroom. I also prefer a proper book rather than electronic. Whilst I appreciate the benefits of Kindle, I spend too much time at the computer for work to spend any more time using it to relax.

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