I’m late

And that’s ok.

I’m letting myself get away with a little more at the moment.

Are you?

In the first lockdown, there was a bit of Dunkirk spirit.

I’m going to get fit!

I’m taking up conversational Spanish.

Yes, NOW is the time for me to learn how to play the lute.

And don’t mention banana bread.

Yep – we were all heading to the top of Maslow’s hierarchical needs. Self actualisation here I come.

Fast forward nine months and this time it’s different.

Many people are at the base of Maslow’s popular pyramid. Trying to stay warm and feel secure.

I’ve made a decision. 

I’m not learning the lute and I’m certainly not taking up conversational Spanish. In fact, today I’m not even getting my newsletter out on time.

And it’s okay.

I’m still doing my best, helping other people and staying safe.

And that’s my ‘enough’.

What’s yours? Let me know in the comments. 

Be Brilliant!

Michael Heppell

PS You may know I run a small personal group with just 100 members called TEAM17. On Monday we reopened membership for one week.  We now have 98 members with 23 new people joining in the last few days.

The mathletes will have worked out there are two places remaining.  If you’re interested in being part of TEAM17, just click this link and you can find out more.



  1. January 14th 2021 by Christine Carol Stockings

    Having managed to lose weight, get a 1st class honours degree, a diploma in Criminal Psychology and furnish my new home, this time I am going to watch TV and chill

  2. January 14th 2021 by Sarah

    I m going to keep smiling through homeschooling and if compromises need to be made choose work to compromise rather than family

  3. January 14th 2021 by Angie Morrish

    My enough for this week is to reach 6pm tonight with all stakeholders in our organisation having seen our video and received our consultation documents about a possible big change without the sky falling in or my phone and email exploding. Big stuff. Sorted.

  4. January 14th 2021 by Lorraine Street

    Great email! Enough IS enough
    Just trying to take each day as it comes, wearing various hats: office manager, IT technician, cook, cleaner, mother, wife, health and safety officer…
    I will not be beating myself up for not achieving and will be brilliant 😉

  5. January 14th 2021 by Robin Lawler

    I’m volunteering a couple of days a week as a Steward at vaccination centre in South Manchester. It’s hard work but really enjoyable helping older folk through the process. Feels good to do something positive & is a legitimate reason to get out of the house!

  6. January 14th 2021 by Eddie Armstrong

    If I can make 1 person smile,Even non verbal,That’s a good feeling.

  7. January 14th 2021 by Caroline Christer

    I am taking part in Dry January and I’m really liking it! I sleep more deeply and am not waking until around 8am. I feel more refreshed, concentrate better and can spend more time sewing and whilst I am usually an early riser, it’s ok to go with this. No guilt, just a good feeling that I’m achieving so much more!

  8. January 14th 2021 by Solange De Moraes

    Very honest message!
    I keep going! I am feeling grateful to be here. Positive thoughts, meditate and yoga are saving my mental health. I have to be strong to help others 🥰

  9. January 14th 2021 by Matthew Chandaengerwa

    Mine is on self preservation. I have been attacked by the virus and fighting like mad to kick it out of my system. I shall prevail!

  10. January 14th 2021 by Clare Wells-Garrett

    Having (so far) lived 18 months since stage 4 cervical cancer diagnosis followed by emergency chemo, hysterectomy, clinical trial getting debt free and leaving my happy hermit life with my cat, to move in with parents at 46…all while smiling… I’m letting myself have a week off work 🙂

  11. January 14th 2021 by Glyn Thomas

    Just choosing the right flowers for my Dad’s funeral. Breathing. Then I’ll be back… or in fact start.

  12. January 14th 2021 by Lesley

    I’m just trying to keep 3 families running (2.5 of which have no income)!

  13. January 14th 2021 by joanne mordue

    In the first lockdown I drank wine and got chubby! But this time around I’m feeling motivated to eat clean and exercise ☺️

  14. January 14th 2021 by Alison Higginson

    Totally agree. My enough is keeping my daughter calm over the “assessments instead of exams” A level situation. Making tea and giving hugs.

  15. January 14th 2021 by Angela

    Today I am cooking double portions of some meals for a quick teatime win for son and wife who work from home and have 2 little ones to organise.

  16. January 14th 2021 by Mike Rainey

    What a wonderfully sensible idea – to give yourself permission to relax. I have shelved all ambitions bar one for now. At 86 I am carer for my older son who suffers from severe depression. You can’t let up on that but everything else had gone by the board for the time being. I feel your email has given me permission for that! Thanks.

  17. January 14th 2021 by Jane Cohen

    I’m just trying to get through to 7pm after being a tutor, decorater, mum, wife, PA & counselor. Just take each day as it comes depending on how I feel. After 7pm it’s my time to relax.

    Thank you for your email Michael. X

  18. January 14th 2021 by carys kelly

    Each day I’m trying to be more present, finding satisfaction in the smallest tasks & feeling gratitude for my life now.

  19. January 14th 2021 by Elaine Allen

    Since my external hard drive died writing is off the table. I shall spend the next few days lying fallow and proving Parkinson’s Law.

  20. January 14th 2021 by Martin Lawson

    As the last 3 years have been character building for me, lockdown poses little concern this time around. I can focus on what I didn’t previously and make my family #1 and support those who are struggling at this time. Oh and I’ve decided to change my mindset and outlook, joined Team 17, restarted my journey of self development and signed up to lose 5 stone! Is this me and my time?

  21. January 15th 2021 by Vikki Wilson

    My enough was just being a hands on homeschooling teacher and cook for my two kids this week… I haven’t finished my website, read my book, got the coaching course done or applied for the roles I wanted (yet) but that’s ok… we have walked our puppy every day, got homeschooling started on time, researched Teacher training, learned some maths I never heard of and even been sledging… and besides… I have the weekend 🙂

  22. January 16th 2021 by Susan lawrence

    Keeping in touch with family and friends by phone. Taking a walk every day. Working 2 days a week on the Covid swab survey. Joining team 17.

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