You’re told to follow your intuition. It’s a classic coach to student challenge.

The problem, is really following your intuition means you are sometimes going to have to say ‘no’.

‘No’ to opportunities.

‘No’ to temptations.

‘No’ to requests.

And that’s tough. Especially, if like most people, you have a bit of FOMO.

Fear Of Missing Out is the arch enemy of intuition. So that’s why you need a few tips to maintain some balance.

At a recent launch event, a senior management team member confessed to me and a colleague that he would have to leave early as he had agreed to go to another event.

‘Wish I didn’t have to, but… you know’.

‘Not a problem’, I replied, ‘I’m delighted you’re here for the first part’.

Then his colleague said, “Do you know what I do? If someone asks or I receive an invitation to an event, I ask myself, ‘If this event was taking place tonight would I want to go?’ and if my answer is ‘no’, I politely decline.”

Wow.  Sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best.

FOMO disappears when you know your purpose.  Knowing your purpose is reinforced when you ask yourself powerful questions.

Be Brilliant!


PS I’m looking for people who made big changes in their lives in their forties.  If this is you or you know someone who did (or is doing this) please send me an email [email protected] as I’d love to talk with you.


  1. May 30th 2017 by Gary Davies

    Heart attack age 42…. total change of lifeatyle for the better. I tell people if tyou can survive it then i recommend it. Im a succesful sales manager for a large usa manufacturer but my passion is food,,,total flip-it about face career change coming up

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