Here, in the UK, we’re exhibiting shock and awe at hosepipe bans (tabloid favourite).

Revelling in the hottest summer since… the last hottest one.

Meanwhile, in England, we’re bemused that the kids are STILL on holiday.

Bedraggled parents are counting the days to the new school term and bemoaning the ridiculous holiday teachers enjoy.

All while dreading the compulsory purchase of new uniforms and the inevitable procrastination to buy school shoes.

Why is it, that if you are organised enough to buy the kids new shoes in July they won’t fit by September? And if you wait until September 3 thousand others turn up to Clarks on the same day?

A prediction.

This September, tabloid headlines will announce an ‘Indian Summer’ followed by ‘Brace yourself Britain for the coldest winter since 1982’.

Did you know the Met Office first described an Indian Summer in 1916 as ‘A warm, calm spell of weather occurring in autumn, especially in October and November’? Sounds lovely. 


Complaining has never been easier and yet we get it completely wrong.

We complain about the weather, teacher’s holidays and busy shops when there’s little we can do about it.

Then keep our mouths shut while customer service deteriorates around us.

‘Don’t say anything, you might upset them.’

Yes, it’s still summer in the UK.

I’m not complaining.

I love it

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  1. August 25th 2022 by Des

    I don’t think anyone of us who home schooled will ever moan about the length of teacher’s holidays again 🤪

  2. August 25th 2022 by Emma

    Having a busy and brilliant summer exploring & making new friends. Taken my daughter to places I haven’t been to since a child, doing things I haven’t done since being little (we went on an old fashioned helter skelter at the weekend) & doing things I’ve never done and doing them as a team together (we had a go at axe throwing at the weekend too).

  3. August 25th 2022 by Judy Brulo

    It is what it it is and it can’t get no tisser. That’s what my Grandma used to say.
    But, the negative comments about teachers holidays- are not justified. How is it their fault if that’s the way things are. I would rather have had the year divided up more equally.

  4. August 25th 2022 by Theresa

    Teachers 100% deserve their re holiday…and more pay… but that’s for another discussion. Loving the hot weather but also looking forward to the cosy autumnal evenings

  5. August 25th 2022 by Mike Facherty

    The hosepipe ban worked. Here in Berkshire a deluge of rain started just after midnight as the ban came into force! It has now slowed to a gentle drizzle.

    I expect people who have kids going to Reading Festival will complain about the conditions and having to wash muddy clothes when they get back.

    I did read an interesting “fact” (I haven’t checked it) that a person would have to run their hose all the time for over 73 years to use the amount of water that Southern Water loses to leaks each day. That’s a bit scary, isn’t it.

  6. August 25th 2022 by Lesley Renault

    Teachers have the holidays to recuperate from the ridiculous work loads they have. However we are only paid for the terms that we work, then this is totalled and divided by 12 to give 12 equal months. We are not paid for our holidays.

  7. August 25th 2022 by Joanne Mordue

    Ha ha yep! Every year they promise us an Indian summer and then terrify us with threats of a dire winter! Every.flipping.year!!!

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