My wonderful Godson Jack is bang in the middle of a most magical age.  Young enough to really believe, old enough to know what he wants.

His mum and dad shared his letter to Santa, or as Jack calls him (as it’s a formal letter) St Nicholas.  I think it’s brilliant.

Here you go:


To St Nicholas

Please may you give people who don’t have much money [drawing of a pound coin] and give them 20,000 million £  ! Yes money!

Please with a cherry [drawing of a cherry] on top can I have a Nintendo Switch Mario Mega Pack!!

For sharing nice. Sharing is caring. Did you know that St Nicholas.


There are many smart things about that letter. First, you have to give to get.  Giving people with not much money £20 billion is pure manifesto material…

Then reminding Santa that sharing is caring and he will ‘share nice’ with his brothers (remains to be seen) is a brilliant embedded command.

Finally, he also wrote a Christmas list with only one thing on it.

No, not the Nintendo – he’s asked for a Land Rover Discovery ‘that is real’. When his mum asked why, when he’s only six, he wanted a Discovery his simple answer was: ‘So, if Santa doesn’t bring me a Nintendo Switch I can sell the Discovery and buy my own’.

What are your best stories about Christmas lists? Please share them below.

I’ll send a copy of my book Brilliant Life (an excellent Christmas gift) to our favourite.

Be Brilliant!


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  1. December 5th 2019 by Amy

    My daughter is two and a half. She has asked for a strawberry from ‘Farmer’ Christmas!! Long may this continue!!

    1. December 5th 2019 by Michael Heppell

      That is adorable

  2. December 5th 2019 by Jenny

    When my daughter was 4, she asked for ‘a big cardboard box to play in’. My parents (who at the time had a shop) found one big enough for an adult to stand up in, and wrapped it up for her with a copy of the book ‘My cat likes to play in boxes’ inside. Guess which of her presents got played with the most that year?

    1. December 5th 2019 by Michael Heppell

      I Love this! It’s so true.

  3. December 5th 2019 by Uli

    (I´m from Germany. Please apologize my grammar, if it´s bad)
    Christmas 2018 was some weeks ahead when our 8 year old daughter spent her afternoons nagging us with questions every parent is afraid of. „Is Santa real? Some of my classmates say he is not but I KNOW he is and I told them!“
    We thought about it and decided to let her believe one last year, so we mixed up the information. „You know, Santa can´t bring all your presents, so we are going to help him a little bit. You are big enough to know.“
    Clever thing to say, we thougt.
    Christmas drew nearer and she finally wrote her christmas lists. LISTS. One for us, one for Santa. The problem: she didn´t show Santas List to us and absolutely refused to do. We tried everything. Sometimes „by the way“, finally I even tried to bribe her. It didn´t work.
    I found the list by accident (honestly) a few days before christmas and it said:
    My wish list for Santa
    Toys and treats for our cat
    Toys and treats for our three guinea pigs
    Just in case Mom and Dad forget the pets, because they already get my presents.
    Thank you.

    Magically all of our pets got their presents. Of course the happy little girl got hers, too.

    1. December 5th 2019 by Michael Heppell

      Oh that is wonderful! And your grammar is brilliant – much better than my German. Danke fürs Schreiben und frohe Weihnachten!

  4. December 5th 2019 by Lisa Warner

    My son wrote in his letter to Santa, please could you bring some presents for my mummy and daddy because they have been well behaved 😂

    1. December 5th 2019 by Michael Heppell

      Good lad!

  5. December 5th 2019 by Pete

    Last year my then 10 year old son wrote his very modest letter to Santa which included the line “and please Santa can you get my best friend Leo and elf on the shelf because he doesn’t have one” – melted my heart.

    1. December 5th 2019 by Michael Heppell

      Awww how sweet, I think I may have something in my eye just now.

  6. December 5th 2019 by TRACY WISEMAN

    Best Christmas letter ever, was a frozen letter from the North Pole, to my kids – I froze it for months and just kept adding water to it in a bag (letter was in a plastic bag wrapped in brown paper – I ran down the street and gave the postman a tip, to knock on our door to give it to the kids, I have never seen such glee on their faces ever!! Try it!! AMAZING!!

    1. December 5th 2019 by Michael Heppell

      WOW! That’s being a brilliant mum.

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