Who said it’s not about you?

Of course it is.

It’s all about you. It’s never been more about you.

Everyone you connect with is looking for your human touch.

A bit of YOU.

Therefor, your fingerprints need to be over everything you do.

I received an Amazon order; the driver knocked, stepped back and when I opened the door, he announced with a massive smile, ‘I’ve got two packages for Michael!

I’m Michael!’, I said.

Well, it’s your lucky day’, he grinned.

What’s your name?’, I asked.

I wanted to thank Dennis by name, but also I wanted to pass on to Amazon how the driver made me feel.

Would I name check you? 

And I’m not necessarily talking about your work, I’m talking about your interactions.

Are you bringing the best of you into everything you do?

Yesterday, I presented at the Adobe Change Makers Conference. One of my key messages was ‘to be brave’.

Afterwards, someone commented that they thought the general wisdom was ‘To keep your head down’.

What a shame.

Wouldn’t it be better if amazing, talented people brought their personalities with them and shared their brilliance?

I have a challenge for you – of course, I always do.

Make it about YOU.  

Make your life such a masterpiece that people are instantly attracted to you. They want to know more about you.

Connect with you.

Be a part of you.

Because it always has been and always will be – about you.

Do you agree. I’d love to know what you think, you can leave a comment below.

Be Brilliant



  1. November 11th 2021 by Andrea Ince

    I love this!

  2. November 11th 2021 by Jacqui Kemp

    Love this, and I would like you to send your Amazon driver to Cambridge!
    So far today I have had conversations with clients about chickens and goats, and then about birthdays in Sri Lanka. It’s always a joy to connect with others on a human level.

  3. November 11th 2021 by Louise Johnstone

    I love this Michael, so very true.

  4. November 11th 2021 by Deidre Nelson

    I work in parliament (behind the scenes) and was given the sage advice when I started there 2 years ago that I should “keep under the radar” and “not make any waves”, “don’t do anything that will bring attention to yourself, that’s how we do it here”. Erm… That’s not Me. Tried it for a bit but I have made waves, got noticed, made myself unpopular with the long-timer-toe-the-liners. Oops!

    I love giving excellent customer service, so that means showing an interest in others, making them feel special, going the extra mile, putting myself out there, being ‘silly’, being Me. Unfortunately this doesn’t always go down well. But I think because of who / how I am, people are “attracted to [me]” to my openness…

    Maybe I need a new job! 😃

  5. November 11th 2021 by Wilma McDaniel

    Love this Michael 👏, thank you. I was asked recently if I adjust how I speak in my native Scotland vs the rest of the world, the answer is no; negativity has no place anywhere in our world

  6. November 11th 2021 by Judy Brulo

    IIf you believe that the world owes you no favours, then who else have you got? YOU!

  7. November 11th 2021 by Annie Watsham

    Yes absolutely. Just be YOU. You are you. No one else. I love being me and interacting with others with friendliness, professionalism and flexibility. It works. Everyone’s happy (most of the time!)

  8. November 11th 2021 by Betty Rose

    I go forward with courage; when I slip as I inevitably do, I may retreat for a day, and then pick up my favourite bunny ears pen and write again x

  9. November 11th 2021 by Robert Brooker

    Tomorrow, 11:10 am eastern, it will be all about me for 20 mins, I am speaking at The Global Achievers Summit, and I do believe I will mention my vision, after all, it’s big enough for everyone, this transition to a more self enlightened age for humanity, right? You, of course, arrived long ago to this age, grateful for you and the work you do Michael, thank you most kindly, indeed.

  10. November 11th 2021 by Elaine Allen

    I hope you’re right. I put a message for the group on the ordinary fb instead of htbb. We’ll see if it sells any books 📚 🤞

  11. November 11th 2021 by Jasper Bolton

    There are gates and there are doors. Gates can swing but are never ajar. Doors can sing and gates can spin and turn. Some doors are locked and some are transparent. There are some that squeak and bang. You can slam a door and walk with a gate. There are door steps, gateways and thresholds. The door to door salesman and the man on the gate. If your brilliant you will always find the key.

  12. November 11th 2021 by Diane

    This is brilliant. Thank you!

  13. November 11th 2021 by Sonja Byatt

    I am a firm believer in going 110% if you can, make that extra effort to make someone feel special – even if they are a total stranger. Someone accidentally knocked on my door late one night in December, a young man who was very polite, but very drunk, looking for his friend. He thought his friend had come into my house, but he hadn’t (actually, unbeknown to me, he had tried the handle of my open car and was snoozing on the back seat!! 😧😳😂). My ‘visitor’ was only wearing a t-shirt and trousers, he wouldn’t let me call him a taxi, so I gave him one of old coats before he continued his search for his friend. Imagine if everyone did something like that? The world would be a better place, with not that much extra effort. Just making eye contact with people can make a big difference. I come across a lot of pessimism about people in general, wouldn’t it be good to prove them wrong?!

  14. November 11th 2021 by Bernie

    Not about me at all. Life is about US. X

  15. November 11th 2021 by Bonaventura Apicella

    Yes, negativity is to be cast away from our mind and replace it with positivity and confident thoughts, to spur us as individuals, to move on and not freeze. I do this every time doubts or fears come to my mind and it definitely works to get get through whatever is the challenge.

  16. November 11th 2021 by Suzi Mac

    I absolutely loved this,,
    I can totally see that yes it’s all about being me, and bringing my happy sometimes overly excited self everyday to everyone I meet. We just don’t know how we impact the lives of others with our smiles and our chat.
    So yes it is about me, my attitude how I treat people, deal with things and how I interact with the people I meet, or even walk past on the street.,spreading the love and the smiles 😁 ❤️🙌🙏🏻

  17. November 11th 2021 by Jacqueline

    Before joining writing masterclass and pop up group I have been shy with little social interaction… I’m now talking more , generally interacting more to anyone I meet generally the local shop keeper’ and a few people over the phone, I find I’m asking how there days been which has lead on to a couple of great conversations . This will continue . Thankyou Micheal for opening up a bit more of the world

  18. November 11th 2021 by Carol

    Guess you are right. My husband always starts his conversations by asking the name of the person to whom he is speaking and invariably gets better results from his interactions.

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