Yesterday, at around about 5:30pm, I drifted into our kitchen.

I felt dazed and tearful.

My shoulders ached.

My mind was racing, but without clear thought.

I had nothing left.

For the last 10 days I’ve been coaching, supporting, broadcasting and sharing, trying to do my bit to help and encourage people during this difficult time

We’ve all heard the story of the importance of ‘fitting your own oxygen mask first’ and even though I know that to be true, I’d stopped doing it.

I’m the coach, the motivational speaker, Mr Positive! How can it happen to me?

An hour later, having watched some getaway TV and with a wonderful wife who just listened, I was feeling better.

Writing this morning I realised I’d done three simple things:

  1. Stopped. We must stop. When you think you have to stop, you’ve already gone too far. Schedule your stops.
  1. Switched off. I hardly ever watch TV but Escape to the Chateau DIY with Dick and Angel Strawbridge was wonderful.  No news, no social.
  1. I reset and reconnected with my core.  I facetimed my son and saw our beautiful 3-week-old granddaughter waking up after a cuddle with her mum. What could be better?

I actually listened to my own advice.

Today I’ve reset. Tigger is back!

Just as well, as tonight I’m presenting with Christine our biggest webinar ever.  Over 400 people are now planning to tune in.

If you’d like to see us, together, sharing how we live and work side by side 24/7 and don’t end up killing each other, then join us for ‘Love in a lockdown’ live at 8.05pm tonight. All the details and registration are here.

It promises to be light but with some serious messages. Even if you’re not a couple we’d love for you to learn some of the tools we use.

It’s free and don’t worry, it’s not one of those ghastly sessions where halfway through we try and sell you the advanced programme for ‘just $47’; now is not the time for that.

Remember to fit your own oxygen mask first.

Be Brilliant!



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  1. April 2nd 2020 by Gavin McMurray

    Great message Michael – none of us are any use to our friends and family if we are “gubbed” (sorry if that’s an unfamiliar Scottish term!) Brave, wise and devoid of ego to use your own vulnerability to help others – wonderful, thanks. Gavin

  2. April 2nd 2020 by DEE

    Glad you’re back. This whole lockdown is starting as a VERY busy time for most of us… not just the adaption but working out how to live! So you should give yourself the space… we’ll all catch up with you in a bit… Tigger wobbling or upside down!!! Love DEE Diana Cosford xx

  3. April 2nd 2020 by Jennifer Flint

    Hi Michael, thanks so much for sharing this. It’s good to know that Tigger also has down days and can become overwhelmed and emotional and forget to listen to his own advice. Makes me feel so much better about myself to know you are susceptible too and to acknowledge that how easy it is to not notice some of the habits we slip into. I am sure we will all go through this at different points.

  4. April 2nd 2020 by Heather Stevens

    Bless you for sharing Michael. Glad Tigger took time out for himself 🙂

  5. April 2nd 2020 by Estelle Read

    Hi Michael

    I just wanted to say, I hear you. I’ve had a few wobbles of my own and it’s tough when you’re supposed to be the ‘guiding light’ or ‘Mrs Sensible Pants’ as I see myself for people. Wobbles make us human ay? I had a similar moment. First day of home schooling, (I’d gone from the peace and tranquillity of working on my own, to feeling like I had Woody Woodpecker in the room with me…my lovely daughter). My husband got home and I cried. It felt like my business was dying. 3 appointments cancelled in one day.

    Anyway, thanks for your candidness. You have been an inspiration of mine for years…erm my strapline is ‘bringing out brilliance’!! Your book helped shape my business. Thank you.

  6. April 2nd 2020 by Benjamin Alcott

    Thanks Michael. I’ve had a few of those wobbles myself over the last week always good to know I’m not alone!

  7. April 2nd 2020 by David M

    Glad to hear you are up and running again. Just because you are busy and positive does not make you any more immune to the trials and tribulations of life. We all have days when we need to speak to Pooh or Piglet!
    You are not alone in this and will come back with greater empathy and experience to add to your coaching.

  8. April 2nd 2020 by Annie Watsham

    Thank you Michael. As a Life Coach and an eternal optimist and always the ‘positive one’ I’ve found it tough to be good to me in these difficult times. I’m learning and I like it. Thank you

  9. April 2nd 2020 by Bruce Beaton

    It’s ok not to be ok sometimes. You’ll never know the highest mountain until you’ve been in the deepest valley

  10. April 2nd 2020 by Chris Lever

    What you say is very true and very relevant.
    No-one can just keep plodding on forever, there has to be breaks. I agree with your point 1, if you feel like you should stop, chances are you should have stopped a while ago.

    On a related note, people can assume that depression is only for the weak. It is not. Depression happens because you keep going when what you really should do is stop, but something keeps pushing you forward in situations that you should not be in.

    Thank you for sharing your moment of weakness – we have all been there or at least I have.
    But nobody talks about it, and you can help normalise these feelings particularly in a time that is not normal.

  11. April 3rd 2020 by Andree

    I’ve had a few wobbles recently. Thank goodness for video calls. Last night I had an hour long chat to a very old friend whom I haven’t seen for yonks because of work, distance family commitments etc. We had a great time chatting about old days and sharing ways we spend our time now furloughed. It was a real tonic. I’ve decided to catch up with more old friends who like me have probably recently started using video calls. So glad you were able to recharge Michael. you are an inspiration to many but need to look after you too. Be calm be safe be well as Tim would say.

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