I was talking to a coaching client this week who confessed that often, as she gets towards the end of a day, she feels like she’s literally run out of words.

Know that feeling?

The average person speaks 16,000 words per day.

Bearing in mind that over 15,000 people read these newsletters, that’s an amazing 240 million words a day between us.

And how many are remembered?

How many are kind?

How many are just to fill space?

How many are helpful?

How many are on repeat?

How many are on repeat?

How many are said without thinking?

How many really count?

For the rest of today, I challenge you to really think about your words, how you use them and when you say them.

Sometimes you can say more by not speaking.

Be Brilliant!

PS Your comments are always a great use of words. Please leave your thoughts below; a copy of my 48,000 word book – How To Be Brilliant for our favourite one.


  1. November 21st 2019 by David Palmer

    I bet some illiterate responds “Here, here.” Or starts a written post with “so”. Or uses could/should/would OF instead of Have.
    Actually obviously, like.

  2. November 21st 2019 by Jo Smewing

    I always try to go with the advice ‘…It is better to say nothing and appear stupid than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt…’ Choose words wisely – most people think more about what you’ve said than you did before you said it.

  3. November 21st 2019 by Adam Butler


  4. November 21st 2019 by Chris Berrett

    One of the most valuable things I learnt from a coach I used was to listen intently & only speak when you had something constructive to add, if nothing else it makes you appear wise & intelligent.

  5. November 21st 2019 by Donal Kelleher

    In Northern Ireland they say ” Whatever you say, say nothing”

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