Mystic Michael here with a prediction.

Brace yourself…

Take the last 3 months, multiply by four and that’s your 2016.

Salespeople will hate that because it screams that hope is not a strategy.

Customer service advocates think they can cheat the numbers and up their NPS scores by finger crossing and faith.

Managers hope to keep their teams motivated through luck and pure expectation.

If you really want the last 9 months of your year to be better than the first 3, then start by doing something different.

This is not an April fool.

Change is painful.

Even little changes, like updating a relatively small website, creates pain (and some pleasure) as I’ve just discovered by updating

Please take a look and let me know what you think.

You can read all of our newsletters (like this one) online and leave comments too. You can do that at the bottom.

It’s not finished and I’m sure you’ll spot some blind links and silly typos.

Sometimes you have to turn off the old and fire up the new –  even when the new (you) is not quite ready.

Be Brilliant!



PS If you’re an executive with a mid to large company and you’d like to attend a brilliant event organised by our friends at Rant and Rave then take a look at this.


  1. April 1st 2016 by David Palmer


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