Jeff Caplan is posting a picture-a-day throughout February wearing a different, brightly-coloured shirt.

The days are still short and the weather gloomy.

But Jeff’s shirts are something else.

Bold. Bright. Bursting with colour.

Each one a statement.

Each one bringing joy.

Jeff is posting on LinkedIn

And from today on my How to Be Brilliant Facebook group.

Next week, the How to Be Brilliant Facebook group is one year old… and we’re having a whole week of celebration.

If you’re not a member, come and join what has being described as the ‘Number One Online Beacon of Positivity‘.

If you are a member, drop in and check out Jeff’s shirts.

Today, it’s a cracker.

Sometimes, the simplest ideas really are the best.

But what makes this idea so special is one word…


Jeff isn’t promoting or selling anything

Just sharing a picture, a day of him wearing a stunning shirt.

What’s your intent?

What’s your shirt-a-day?

Please write your comments below.

Be Brilliant



  1. February 4th 2021 by ANNE beth JORDAN

    My intent is a very simple one, I have an image of a tortoise and a hare and have become the tortoise to go slow and win my race in being brilliant – being thorough, mindful, careful, consistent, have fun, enjoy the journey as i walk step by step to my final goal – WRITE MY BOOK/ BE A BRILLIAN COACH

  2. February 4th 2021 by Karin Carruthers

    To have a proper belly laugh every day, even if it lasts for just a second or two (preferably longer!) it lifts the days and keeps you smiling. It also appears to be a health benefit and costs absolutely nothing! Side effects: it can be infectious!

  3. February 4th 2021 by kevin harvey

    I always try and wear a loud/distinctive shirt when I am working. People remember me for them and often comment Favourably most of the time.

  4. February 4th 2021 by Eileen MacInnes

    My intent is to remember the brilliant word ‘intent’ in all the choices I make each day. Thank you Michael.

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