Kindness is one of the most amazing qualities a person can have.

And it costs…? Nothing.

So why is it such an effort (for some people) to be kind?

I think I’ve worked it out. Perhaps it’s harder to be kind than (no, not nasty) neutral.

No one thinks they’re being nasty… ignoring a homeless person, mentally tutting when a parent can’t control their child, secretly laughing when a rival has a problem.

That’s not being nasty. Agreed. But…

If you’re not being a kind person, what kind of person are you being?

Being kind can equally be demonstrated by what you don’t do as much as what you do:

Saying nothing when a friend shares a story and you have a better one…

Deciding not to become the grammar police and accepting the misuse of their, there and they’re in a Facebook post…

Knowing you can bring Mr Ego down a peg or two with the knowledge you’ve just gained, but smile (on the outside) instead.

It’s easy to say you’re kind when your kindness rules are suiting you. ‘I like to think I have time for everyone’. Cue the curve ball… ‘Excuse me, could you spare a couple of moments to answer these survey questions?’ Do you really have time for ‘everyone’?

Some people wear their kindness as a badge. ‘I sacrifice my personal time/happiness/self to ensure those around me are happy. Why can’t people see that!

Some make it look easy.

I have a challenge for you.  This newsletter goes to a combined audience of around 15,000 people.  What if, for the next week, we were all intentionally a little more kind?

No sacrifice, no ego, no expectation, nothing in return – just consciously kind.

I’m in.

Be Brilliant!


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  1. October 24th 2019 by Evelyn Halsall

    This is a great article, one that is very inspirational, an article that we should all live by… it makes me want to try harder to be the person that is always available when people need to be lifted from the depths of despair. Thank you

  2. October 24th 2019 by Mike Rainey

    I like to think I am kind but you have given me an example or two that make me realise I am not always as kind as I like to think. Topping someones story without thinking about it is something I know I have done. Hush my mouth!

  3. October 24th 2019 by Tracey Wells

    I’m in too Michael!

  4. October 24th 2019 by fiona patrick

    It’s easy in our busy lives to make excuses for all sorts of things – not ringing that friend in need, not making the effort to speak to someone on their own, be so caught up – but a smile, a gesture of kindness, a ‘going that extra mile’ is good for the soul and brighten the day, Thank you for highlighting kindness Michael – we all need a bit more in our lives.

  5. October 24th 2019 by Kerrie Marchington

    It’s quite simple……

    Everyone is fighting their own battles. So just be kind.

    Kindness is like manners, it takes no effort and costs nothing.

  6. October 24th 2019 by Jayne Pitcher

    Love this!
    I too always try to be kind ….. and am often told I’m TOO kind! But I can think of examples where I’m not ….. a big one is not/half listening to my partner because I’m too engrossed in something work related on my phone. I’m not being kind or courteous there!

  7. October 24th 2019 by Mike

    As a Cub Scout leader we try and instil this in all our Cubs. Only last night we enrolled 7 new Cubs who all have to recite our Law and Promise.
    Being kind isn’t necessarily easy for all, but it is very rewarding!

    The Cub Scout Promise:
    I promise that I will do my best
    To do my duty to God and to the Queen
    To help other people
    And to keep the Cub Scout Law.

    The Cub Scout Law:
    Cub Scouts always do their best
    Think of others before themselves
    And do a good turn every day.

  8. October 24th 2019 by Bryanthegirl

    Thank you for sharing. As others have already commented I too think I’m kind, I certainly try to be, but some of your examples struck home. I’m in.

  9. October 24th 2019 by Maureen Harmer

    I agree, we all need to be kinder and with a bit of effort we can be.
    By the way, have you seen The Kindness Diaries on Netflix? Worth a watch.

  10. October 24th 2019 by Angela Todd

    Such a relevant topic in what seems to be an ever increasing cruel world. I like the ‘pay it forward’ motto too, do something kind for some one without expectation of return but they then do something kind to someone else. I’ve not shared this with anyone or shared it over social media etc however last week whilst on holiday my husband & i purchased two bottles of wine and took them to a vantage point to watch the sun set, there was a group of people next to us who Id overheard say they should have also brought a bottle. I suggested to my husband we give them one of ours to which we did. It turns out this group of people were on a friends reunion all of them from different parts of the world whod originally met in a French University, , we sat chatting with them and as we left just asked them to pay the kindness forward, it warms me to think that one offer of a (very nice) bottle of red wine not only made their night, but that in 5 different countries they hopefully repay the kindness to someone else. So fingers crossed someone in Poland, Canada, Oman, India, France will be benefiting from one single act of kindness made in Barcelona. We need more kindness in the world for sure. #payitforward

  11. October 24th 2019 by Julian Burnell

    Now this really is brilliance in action. One of my favourite songs is “Be More Kind” by Frank Turner:

  12. October 24th 2019 by Andree

    I’m in too Michael

  13. October 24th 2019 by Jim Hetherton

    Brilliant as ever 💖💖💖💖💖

    Reminds me of wonderful lines
    ONE… One tree can start a forest:
    One smile can begin a friendship;
    One hand can lift a soul;
    One candle can wipe out darkness;
    One laugh can conquer gloom;
    One hope can raise your spirits;
    One touch can show you care;
    One life can make the difference, be that one today

  14. October 26th 2019 by Diane

    I’m in x

  15. October 26th 2019 by Lucy Kendall

    I’m in! I let a pregnant lady go to the loo before me and I was bursting. It made me feel so happy and her too! Win win! x #thesmallthings

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