Knowledge comes from learning.

Wisdom comes from using that knowledge.

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PS Success comes from working the wisdom.


  1. February 9th 2023 by Chris Marley

    I find Wisdom also comes from Experience

  2. February 9th 2023 by Joanne Conway

    Correct! Your very wise 👏😉

  3. February 9th 2023 by Debbie Bias

    Hello!! Wisdom also comes from God…
    Good news!! My story is written!! Today I hope to finish adding in my extras and finish the “Wrapping it all up” thoughts at the end!! I’m doing it!!!😊❤️🎉🎉🎉

  4. February 9th 2023 by Theresa Jauregui

    Does wisdom come with age?

  5. February 9th 2023 by Tim Brownson

    I really don’t like the expression ‘knowledge is power’ because it isn’t. It’s the application of knowledge that is power.

    Which loosely means I agree with you, but I did it in such a way as to attempt to look wise.

    I think it failed.

  6. February 9th 2023 by Sam Morrow

    Agree that Knowledge comes from learning.
    But it’s not the blindly using that gives wisdom but the reflection after the knowledge is used to gain wisdom.

  7. February 9th 2023 by SUE MULVENNA

    Absolutely, this newsletter is enough. Succinctly, it says it all. It puts my (difficult-to-articulate) thoughts into words. Knowledge also comes from experience, particularly from experience when you find yourself in a sink-or-swim situation.

  8. February 9th 2023 by Ian Pearson

    “Knowledge comes from learning. Wisdom comes from living.”
    Anthony Douglas Williams, Author

  9. February 9th 2023 by AnnA

    As ‘a little learning is a dangerous thing’ I would go for wisdom every time!

  10. February 9th 2023 by Bev Newman

    I spent yesyerday supply teaching … not sure if imparting knowledge is part of this, but it seems hard to persuade the kids that it is brilliant or worthy!

  11. February 9th 2023 by Linda Rainbird

    I’m my experience wisdom comes from the visions I have! I also think that more wisdom comes from EQ and SQ than IQ.

  12. February 9th 2023 by Steve Bell

    Short newsletters are great but even better as Tweets!

  13. February 9th 2023 by Carolyne Collins-Atkins

    Sometimes ignorance really is empowering, walking around not knowing that you’ve just unintentionally said the wrong thing ie ‘ Your sister looks just like you “. Later you learn it was her Mother!!!! Ooooops

  14. February 9th 2023 by Norman Beech

    Wisdom develops as knowledge is used and the experience is then reflected on. What happened? Was that expected? This gives a feedback loop into knowledge and learning.

  15. February 9th 2023 by Chris Berrett

    Wisdom, you’ll not find that here.

  16. February 9th 2023 by John Purkis

    Knowledge is knowing a banana is a herb.
    Wisdom is eating it like a fruit

  17. February 9th 2023 by Jane Parsons

    Oh I’ll leave a comment, Michael, because I’ve had a long lonely morning editing my socks off. Lonely because some of it was just really hard work. The rewards were when I managed to lose myself in the story and be creative, rather than chopping out the shite I’d written before.
    I’m a wretched pensioner now, but I’m still amazed at how happy people are to be ignorant. “I don’t read much.” “I don’t watch the news, it’s too depressing.” “I don’t read newspapers, I don’t have time.”
    But so many people find endless hours to watch the most appalling drivel on tv and don’t mind that their brains turn to mush and their emotions are manipulated and wrung out by charlatans. I don’t understand why people are not more curious, more fascinated and more eager to find out stuff. So now I’m going to go and hug my knees and feel miserable until gin and tonic time. Have a fab day, everyone.

  18. February 9th 2023 by Averil Price

    Knowledge is knowing how to use your voice; wisdom is knowing when to speak and when to keep quiet.

  19. February 9th 2023 by Carol Sisson

    This is very true Michael. What I’ve not learned about food, the industry and what it’s doing to us as we continuously graze all day long and the mental and physical part it plays in today’s society, is unbelievable. I’ve not enough time in the day to read every book or watch/listen to each podcast on this fascinating subject but I tell you what, I’m doing my very best (and it’s hard as anyone on a diet would understand) to overcome the addiction to sugar and carbs to become healthy again, hopefully before its too late. I keep sharing what I learn on my Facebook page and I don’t care who it annoys its life saving 🙂

    P.S. to the poster above re the banana, its also the highest sugar containing fruit there is and you can get your potassium elsewhere. I used to love bananas as one of my five a day! pre diabetic!

  20. February 9th 2023 by Ng

    Wisdom comes from understanding

  21. February 9th 2023 by MRS Madeleine (Lynne) DALGLEISH

    Wisdom is the antidote to ignorance. Ignorance is thing that damages people the most.

  22. February 9th 2023 by Paul


  23. February 9th 2023 by Noel Wincote

    Understanding come’s with both knowledge and wisdom?

  24. February 9th 2023 by Paul Jones

    Cheers Michael…

  25. February 9th 2023 by Sue Trusler

    Learning is great, but accompanied with “Learn By Doing” is even better. Wisdom then comes by learning even more from your actions, achievements and experiences. Wisdom is recognising you will never know everything but can continue to improve your knowledge every day. Be wise enough to be humble and respect the views of others, as you follow your learning journey.

  26. February 9th 2023 by Lesley Renault

    Would add learning comes from life experiences and wanting to learn.

  27. February 9th 2023 by Judy Brulo

    I agree.

  28. February 9th 2023 by Tony O'Donnell

    Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit .. wisdom is knowing not to put one in a fruit salad

  29. February 9th 2023 by Rosie Godfrey

    HELLO! 🧐

  30. February 9th 2023 by Lorna Clark

    I agree. But we need to keep using that knowledge or it dribbles away

  31. February 9th 2023 by Carol Andrews

    Wise words and so many interesting comments – Learning is great and being able to apply what one has learned is wisdom, ie if the knowledge is applied wisely

  32. February 9th 2023 by Tony

    As rugby player Brian O’Driscoll, and others say; “Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad”

  33. February 9th 2023 by Susan Martin

    In many colour systems knowledge is yello
    Wisdom is gold

  34. February 9th 2023 by Karen Hedges

    I have acquired a lot of knowledge about the moon and use my wisdom to impart it to others in an accessible way.

  35. February 9th 2023 by Dawn

    Wisdom comes from experiance, experiances arent always dictated by knowledge ( in my case, quite often not lol). Wisdom creates knowledge which can be shared. However knowledge adds to wisdom. So Im on the fence lol x

  36. February 9th 2023 by Deborah Seed

    I find that knowledge comes in many forms, from experience, from doing research, listening to people, whatever the reason you find knowledge, it can either help or hinder you in your life, but wisdom is knowing how to apply that knowledge.

  37. February 9th 2023 by Fiona Myles

    Always seek after wisdom , she will keep you warm and looked after. Applying and seeking knowledge is wise.

  38. February 10th 2023 by Diane Goulding

    Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.

  39. February 10th 2023 by Claire Nicholas

    But where does learning come from? Not just reading (though that is clearly a fundamental part). Learning comes from understanding, communicating, experience and, something so often overlooked (ironically), observation.

  40. February 10th 2023 by Linda Todd

    Hemmingway wrote a story in 6 words.

    Baby shoes for sale. Never worn.

    Work of The Leprosy Mission Scotland in 6 words.

    Spot it. Treat it. Stop it.

    So yes to a 10 word newsletter if it conveys a message which yours did.

  41. February 12th 2023 by Carolyne Collins-Atkins

    Be careful who you share your knowledge with!
    Not a lot of knowledge in a10 word newsletter

  42. February 14th 2023 by Harriet Turk

    Agree. And, action is a springboard of knowing what to do, and the wisdom of when or how to do it.

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