The challenge with a lot of learning is the lessons are just too long, too impractical and too boring.

There’s a whole bunch of research that shows how tired brains start to switch off long before teachers realise they’ve lost their class.

That’s why short, powerful, exciting messages are much better.

And I can prove it.


On Saturday 17th June, along with members of my private coaching group, TEAM17, I’m organising a very special day.

It’s called DAY17.

It will include 12 powerful 5 and 17-minute sessions delivered by positive, enthusiastic and brilliant teachers.

There are only 50 places and I’m excited to announce that as well as some brilliant TEAM17 members we have already secured:

Neil Mullarkey – one of the founding members of the Comedy Store players and author of the brilliant new book ‘In the Moment’.

Will Polston – a leading performance coach who works with ambitious people to help them master their mindset and live a life they love.

I’m going to announce more speakers every week until our event.

The ticket price will go up the closer we get to the date (but I think it will sell out very soon).

It’s going to be an extraordinary event and I do hope that you will join me for an afternoon of inspiration, networking, fun and learning.

All the details including venue, times and fees can be found here.

As always, I’d love to know your thoughts below.

Be Brilliant!


  1. April 28th 2023 by Francois Thibault

    This event sounds fantastic! I’ve always believed that shorter, more engaging learning sessions are the key to retaining information and staying motivated.

  2. May 2nd 2023 by Ann English

    I agree, you have to keep on learning no matter your age. Learn either by reading, talking, watching etc.
    I decided I would write down whatever new thing I had learned that day (if I remembered) and I would share it with my husband. I was sure he would want to know that if a sheep has 3 lambs, one of them is taken away and given to a sheep whose lamb didn’t survive or else the lamb is sold. Of course my husband was glad that I had shared this with him! At least that’s what I think he side. I’ll keep on keeping on! Ann

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