On May 6th 2018 Feliks Zemdegs completed a Rubik’s Cube in less than five seconds (4:22!) setting a world record that no one could beat.


That’s faster than the time it took you to read the last sentence.


Then along came Yusheng Du who did it in 3:47!

Less than four seconds.


What can you do in less than four seconds?


Possibly not a Rubik’s Cube, but there are lots of things that take less than four seconds and can make a positive difference.


Here are a few to get you started:


Apologise – I mean properly say you’re sorry


Give a compliment


Change your mind – I love this one.


Pick up a piece of rubbish.


Smile – do it for four.


Let someone out in front of you.

Chew your mouthful a little longer.


Leave a few kind words (more than just a ‘like’) on a social media post.


I’d like to know your thoughts on positive things you can do that take less than four seconds.


Please leave your ideas below.


Be Brilliant



Here’s the video of Yusheng Du breaking the Rubik’s Cube world record.


  1. February 10th 2022 by Mick MINGSTONES

    Tell yourself that you are a decent person and that you accept yourself completely.

  2. February 10th 2022 by Maeve de Burgh

    Blow a kiss

  3. February 10th 2022 by Helen

    Give someone a hug.
    Stroke your dog/cat.

  4. February 10th 2022 by Etya Krichmar

    A hug and a kiss takes less than four seconds.

  5. February 10th 2022 by Mike Rainey

    Michael, You’ve cracked it. Great ideas. I shall work my way through those. Hopefully other people will feel better for it and I am sure I will too.

  6. February 10th 2022 by Ben Cornish

    Put the kettle on.
    Pat yourself/someone else on the shoulder & tell them it’s all going to be OK
    Smash a Rubin cube!

  7. February 10th 2022 by Bonaventura Apicella

    Give something to a homeless person each time you pass by them.
    Ring a family member which you haven’t done for a while and tell them you were thinking of them.

  8. February 11th 2022 by Violet Harper-Wilkinson

    Say ‘No’ to gossip.
    ‘Thank you’ for kindness.
    Smile at a stranger.

  9. February 12th 2022 by Betty Rose.

    Swing your legs out of bed.

  10. February 13th 2022 by Ladey Adey

    Quick hug with 3 year old grandchild before her attention is grabbed by something else!

  11. February 13th 2022 by Ladey Adey

    Reply to a comment!!! Here or on social media

  12. February 15th 2022 by Rani


  13. February 18th 2022 by Mary Masaba

    Smile without looking creepy or unhinged

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