I’m excellent at losing things. And only slightly good at finding things.

That equates to a net loss of some things.

My wife is excellent at finding things and rarely loses things.

Her net result is, she’s found more things.

And as many of those things are my previously lost things… that’s a result.


But what about non-physical things?

Have you ever lost:

Your way?

Your oomph?

Your love?

Your faith?

Your passion?

Just like keys and spectacles they can be found.


I bet you’ve heard, ‘Where was the last place you had it?’

Useless advice for finding your keys…

But when it comes to love, passion, faith and oomph. It’s a different story.

Go back to what you remember. Reconnect with how you found it. You’ll be surprised what you find.

What have you lost and found? Please leave a comment below.


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Be Brilliant!



  1. October 20th 2022 by Tricia Frances deGray

    The thing I loose most is my phone, at home. I am always putting it down and cant find it. But I have google and I ask it to find my phone. The next thing is its ringing and I find it. Things didn’t work like that years ago when my Mum lost me! She parked the pram, outside the local shop, with her new born baby in it – that’s me – and then left the shop and went home only to realise some time later that something was missing! Fortunately when she rushed back to the store I was till there – otherwise life could have been very different LOL!

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