What a week.

Three major keynotes in 6 days to over 1,750 people. 

A Leadership Conference in a theatre.

A Business Conference in an arena.

A Managers Conference in a hotel.

Although the situations, venues and themes were quite different.

All three screamed something to me.

Everyone had chosen to be there.

The leadership conference in Shrewsbury was full of tremendous trailblazers, the BizX conference in Liverpool was engulfed with entrepreneurs and the Managers Conference in Newcastle was brilliant with the whole audience engaged.

This can’t be said for some events, where I’m brought in to ‘Get them going’ or ‘Raise the energy after lunch’.

As a professional speaker you quickly recognise who’s there because they want to be and who’s on a final warning with the choice ‘Staff conference or P45?’ 😂

I can give myself some credit here, I receive frequent feedback after turning dissenters into disciples.

One particular piece of feedback stuck with me, ‘I thought you were going to be shit, but you were alright.’

It hasn’t made it to my testimonials page.

Your question this week. 

What are you learning because you want to (not have to) and what’s next? I’d love for you to share your learnings below.

Be Brilliant!



  1. April 25th 2024 by Jeremy Taylor

    Hi Magic
    I’m learning how Amazons put the customer first driving principle can be applied in my business. Applying this to all that we do to give the customer a brilliant experience.
    Jeremy XX

  2. April 25th 2024 by Jane Stevens

    I’ve been learning about using different fibres to hand spin, dye and weave for over 40 years and love it. I’m astounded at how much I find I didn’t know so there will always be new stuff for me to learn and love.

  3. April 25th 2024 by Ann English

    I am learning British Sign Language

  4. April 25th 2024 by Sue Clarke

    Relearning French through Duolingo, learning about Celtic poetry and Folkloreand how to write poetry, and exploring my emotions through art.
    Ongoing – learning how to grow my own veggies

  5. April 25th 2024 by simon lowe

    Thanks to you, Michael. I now recognise when I receive quality service. I’m learning to contact CEOs to get good people noticed! It’s so rewarding
    Thanks Simon

  6. April 25th 2024 by Debbie Lynn

    I’m always learning, and as a nurse who works in a very ‘medicalised model’ my love is for different therapies, so am fully trained in hypnotherapy and acupuncture, reiki, various massage therapies, lymphatic drainage. Now thinking about acupressure as this could be taught to people for their own self-management of clinical issues.

  7. April 26th 2024 by James Aldeson

    I’m learning to try and listen more and not talk over people. i realise people get frustrated with me as i can talk over them and appear ignorant. where as for me im just trying to get stuff done.

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