Christmas is a massive magnifying glass.

Every niggle becomes a drama.

Every special moment becomes a magic moment.

Every delay will feel like an eternity.

Every drink will be a large one. Why not? It’s Christmas!

The Christmas Magnifier is great for the positive things but when it comes to the challenges …. ouch!

You having a great Christmas is completely out of my control but entirely within yours.

That’s the secret to having a brilliant Christmas. Choosing to do so.

It’s all too easy to use ‘if – then’ scenarios.

If I can just get everything done – then I’ll relax and have a good time.’

If your mother behaves this year – then we’ll enjoy ourselves.’

If I get that Lego Bugatti Chiron – then I’ll be happy.’

And the truth is:

You won’t get everything done, your mother-in-law will almost certainly go loopy and say something totally inappropriate after her 5th (or was that 6th ?) sherry and… as for the Lego – well let’s just hope Mrs Heppell is reading this.

And meanwhile, the Christmas Magnifying Glass will be making it 10 x better or 10 x worse.

But here’s the exciting news. You already have the best gift. A gift that was given to you many, many years ago.

The gift of choice.

You can choose how to react to any situation;  making it worse, acceptable, better or even brilliant!

Now that’s a gift worth focusing on this Christmas.

Be Brilliant!


This newsletter only gets to you because of the fabulous work by my brilliant PA – the amazing Vanessa.  She works crazy hours, for a crazy couple (I’m writing this, so I can call Christine crazy, too) looking after us and our clients. She’s the one who makes it a ‘Brilliant Day at Michael Heppell’. Thank you Ness.


  1. December 20th 2018 by Gareth Crawshaw

    Brilliantly and expertly written as ever Michael, always fantastic to read these messages.

    A peaceful and BRILLIANT Christmas to all of you and fingers crossed on the Lego!

    All the best,


  2. December 20th 2018 by Pauline

    Merry Christmas! I always enjoy reading your emails and without fail take a learning away from each one! I wanted to say thank you for acknowledging your PA in this week’s update – PAs really are the hidden gems in businesses of all shapes and sizes and it’s great to see you acknowledge yours so brilliantly!

  3. December 20th 2018 by EW JOHNSTON

    Allays look forward to your comments I remember seeing you at a show in Newcastle..many moons ago and have been a fan eever since

  4. December 20th 2018 by Christine Wilson

    Well said and so true
    Merry Christmas 👍

  5. December 20th 2018 by Tim Howard

    Perfect timing for wise words! Happy Christmas!

  6. December 22nd 2018 by Mike

    A great message – as usual – and a good reminder that, as someone has said before, Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Thanks and have a happy Christmas.

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