There’s a certain zeitgeist right now around story telling.

You can actually book a trainer to spend a half day teaching you how to tell stories.

I even heard someone say, ‘Yeah, story telling – it’s the latest thing’.  He did have a big beard and very tight black jeans with no knees.

I’m a story teller. Last week I was privileged to tell stories from the stage at BAFTA to an amazing crowd at the London Business Forum (see my new pic above taken by Charles Glover).

Today we received an enquiry for a keynote booking. Not from someone who was at the event but from someone who knew someone who was at the event.

And here’s the best bit. When they called, they could repeat (almost word for word) a story I shared, retold by their friend.

That’s got me thinking.

A story is only a good story if it’s retellable.

The best jokes are simple, you don’t have to be a comic to tell them.

The best company visons can be articulated in a few words, not pages.

The best speakers at the company conference move beyond the facts and figures and focus on what the numbers mean for the people in the room.

Lifting The Mask

Just over a year ago I heard Leadership Expert, Ben Morton, tell a story which had me on the edge of my seat.Afterwards I challenged him, ‘You should write a book and it should start with that story’.

And he did!

Mission Leadership – Lifting the Mask is published today and to encourage people to buy it on publication day he’s offering some bonus goodies (i offer something) to go with it.

If you’re a leader, a would-be leader or you just like to read books that make you better then take a look at Ben’s book launch site here.

Be Brilliant!




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