It’s one of those weekly things I habitually do. I write it on Tuesday or Wednesday, to make sure it arrives every Thursday.

This newsletter.

Yesterday, it didn’t arrive. And for a very good reason.

I hadn’t written it.

I could have blamed writer’s block (which doesn’t really exist).

Or technology – claiming it was sent, you just didn’t receive it.

But I’m not into telling fibs.

With the long Easter weekend, a Wednesday spent caring for my 13-month-old granddaughter and a packed Thursday morning making videos, I guessed you probably wouldn’t notice if it had or hadn’t arrived.

So, I missed a day.

I even considered missing a week.

It’s nothing is it?

Or is it?

If I get into the habit of missing a day or two every other week, would it make a difference?

Who knows?

Me. That’s who knows.

That means only I can make that decision.

And only you can make your decisions about what is and what isn’t important to you.

The next time someone says, ‘What you should do is…

Take a moment and ask yourself (the most important person in the world) if you really should do that.

Be Brilliant!


PS Please leave any comments below.


  1. April 9th 2021 by Theresa Jauregui

    Interesting word that word ‘should’. I think a better way of looking at many situations is to ask ourselves what we feel is right for us, according to our values & beliefs. ‘Should’ suggests some influential power dictating to us. I think ‘should’ is often motivated by guilt or comparing ourselves to others.

  2. April 9th 2021 by Mo Gill

    Thank you Michael – I read your email at exactly the right time!

  3. April 9th 2021 by Lesley

    Life gets in the way sometimes of our habits and I think that’s ok. The important thing is to go back to your habit as soon as possible, if it’s important to you. If you don’t meditate for one day for example, don’t let it slip to two or three. It’s much harder to pick it up again if you keep letting it slip I think. Then I’d question how important is it to me.

  4. April 9th 2021 by Jane

    This email is a neat solution. You nailed it.

  5. April 9th 2021 by Andrew

    When I’m the “someone” suggesting “what you should do is …” to one of my children, my wife usually interjects with “one option might be …”. As you say in your post, only they can decide what to do, all we can do is help them to see the options available.

  6. April 9th 2021 by Sarah

    Your email turns up at the same time as the bin men. They were a day late too, Had you not sent this email, I would have continued to think today was Thursday, and missed an important date this evening. So thanks. It will definitely make a difference to me. Brilliant!

  7. April 9th 2021 by elaine

    I’ I’m sure you had more fun playing with your granddaughter than you would have had writing a newsletter.

  8. April 9th 2021 by Laura Ann Hind

    I’m just wanting to thank you for writing ‘Flip it’ I just bought it the other day and it’s fab ! 😃

  9. April 9th 2021 by Diane Hull

    Michael thought, then thought again;
    It’s strange that I feel rotten. 
    There something that I meant to do Something I’ve forgotten. 

    I’ve put the bin out, fed the cat,
    Brushed my teeth, it can’t be that!
    Something that I do for work?
    I’ve remembered..what a birk!

    My memory,  it gets no better
    I didnt write this week’s newsletter.
    Don’t you worry, don’t you fuss.
    Don’t feel bad, because of us.

    You need a rest there is no doubt.
    This week we can do without.

    Diane Hull.

    1. April 10th 2021 by Michael Heppell


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