Like many people, I’m on LinkedIn.  I’ve noticed a trend recently where members post short videos, often promoting what they do.

I’m not sure why but many of them feature the person walking down a street; mobile phone camera held high, as they offer the viewer their thoughts.

Or as it’s also referred to, ‘content’.

And there’s the word… content.

But producing content is difficult.

I know.  Even writing one newsletter a week can be a challenge – and some people write two a day!

The issue with ‘content’ is that one person’s fillet steak is someone else’s cheese and onion crisps.

And that’s why:

While someone is worrying about creating content to please everyone …..

I believe everyone can create content to please someone.

And I tested that on Tuesday.

While Christine was shopping in M&S, I recorded a short video and posted it on LinkedIn.

24 hours later, almost 8,500 people had viewed it. Within a day there were over 100 comments and the audience was split.

Thankfully, most people ‘got it’ but some people didn’t.

One even complained that I’d wasted 1 minute and 11 seconds of his precious life while another said it was the greatest LinkedIn video they had ever watched.

See what you think. Watch it here.

You can create your own content.

10 Top Tips to…

How to get the best out of…

Interesting things about our community…

For work, life, home or social it’s never been easier to share. So come on, create some content and share it with the world.

Be Brilliant!



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  1. June 7th 2018 by A B Foster

    Sorry Michael, unable to open the video however I am sure it is brilliant.

  2. June 8th 2018 by Diane

    Enjoyed the linked in video, Michael! Made me smile……….

  3. September 27th 2018 by Graeme Stark

    Honestly Michael, didn’t expect that…. what a useful thought provoking little film. Excellent.

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